Charlie is a down to earth, practical guy who enjoys the sameness of his life; he’s comfortable in a time-honored profession with semi-regular hours and likes doing the same sorts of hobbies on the weekend (visiting his friends on the reservation, and going fishing). Charlie frequents the same restaurants, where he orders the same things. He’s not all that keen to “change things up,” which makes him reluctant to embrace his daughter’s new boyfriend and… well, lifestyle. He likes to get things done in an efficient and organized manner. Charlie doesn’t especially like having to inflict rules on Bella, but does impose a few that he expects her and Edward to follow, including a curfew. He’s always on time, and prefers a logical approach to an emotional one, both in his objections toward her early engagement and how runs the station. He doesn’t believe in things until he sees them with his own eyes and has proof of their existence. His emotions don’t often come to the surface, and Charlie is uncomfortable in talking about them with his daughter. Whatever melancholy he feels over his divorce and subsequent disappointments in life hide beneath the surface, but his love for Bella shines through in his gruff protectiveness of her, and his desire to see her happy and safe. The things he cares about most, Charlie puts a lot of effort into – his friendships, his daughter, fishing, and his job. For the most part, Charlie isn’t interested in fantastical ideas. He’s not much for creativity, although he does show a little bit of it in choosing a new comforter for Bella’s room (although, he asks the sales clerk to help him!). He usually senses when Bella isn’t being entirely honest with him, but doesn’t have much insight into what’s really going on with the Cullens.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Charlie wants his daughter to be safe, so he enforces a curfew and hands her pepper spray to put in her purse, especially around Edward… for whom he has a natural suspicion. He worries about her future and what she might be ‘up to’ and likes Edward only a little more once he finds out he has a traditional mindset and has not taken his daughter’s virginity. A good-natured man with a sense of humor, he jokes at Bella’s wedding that he knows Edward will treat Bella right, since he can track him to the ends of the earth and owns a gun. It blows his mind that Jacob is a werewolf, because such things aren’t possible. He doesn’t want Bella or her friends to take risks, and is something of a stay at home hermit who prefers his routine to socializing. He admits that Bella should spend more time with people her own age, and not hang around him as much (but… she takes after him in being a loner).