Esme has an unparalleled ability to love everyone around her, to immediately adopt them into her heart, and to show kindness even toward her enemies. Though the wolves are rude to her, she is considerate of their needs and tries to keep peace between them and her children. She is warm and affirming to Bella and doesn’t like to take sides in family disagreements. Like Carlisle, she most wants her children to be happy and fulfilled, and tries to foster an environment that encourages that. But, she can also take charge when she needs to and make decisions that factor in the needs and wishes of everyone involved. After she was turned, Esme adapted quickly to her new life; her love for people meant she had less trouble struggling against bloodlust than most newborns. She held dear the memory of Carlisle from her younger years, and recognized him again when they met many years later. Her family and her memories are important to her, and she is comfortable revisiting experiences and living the same life over again, in different places among new people. Esme is practical, focused on the moment, attentive toward her children’s immediate needs, and down to earth in her suggestions. Her willingness to adapt to such a radically different lifestyle shows her open-minded nature. Over the years, Esme has adopted and tried out different professions and hobbies, from architecture and art to design and photography. She has an uncanny ability to “read” her children and understand what they need, before they realize it for themselves (she and Carlisle know that Edward needs a mate long before he does). Disconnecting emotionally is hard for Esme. She doesn’t like discord or making brutal decisions, but can stay out of it and allow others to argue impartiality. Though it pains her, Esme understands that sometimes, to protect the family, she must stand aside and take an objective stance.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Esme is highly proactive in “loving” people. She warmed up to her adopted children at once, taught them how to be better individuals, and looks after their needs. She treats Bella warmly, delighted that her son has now found someone he cares about, and is excited to welcome her into the family—and votes for it to happen. Esme goes out of her way to build inroads among the werewolves, showing up outside to offer Leah and her brother food and drink in gratitude for them guarding the house against the other wolf pack, but doesn’t pressure them to accept when Leah turns her back on her. Esme wants to be good, do the right thing, give and receive love, and be appropriate—when Jacob says that Rosalie would probably spit in any food she gave him, Esme says she’s sure Rosalie would never “embarrass me like that” by behaving inappropriately.