Function Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Carlisle is happiest when providing an environment for his children in which they can grow to reach their full potential and heal from their past hurts. He is warm, loving, and generous man with a big heart, who doesn’t want to hurt anyone and believes everyone can be reasoned with, despite their diabolical behavior. His compassion and desire to serve and protect is so immense he alone overcame all his attraction to human blood, so he can serve in his capacity as a doctor. He is greatly skilled at knowing how to communicate with each member of his family and even to make Bella understand Edward’s motivations, such as when he talks to her about Edward’s belief vampires do not have souls and asks her to think about how Edward feels, at the idea of ‘taking hers’ away from her. Carlisle does not want to fight with the Volturi and asks them to make peace with them and discuss this sensibility. Exposed to their lifestyle, he developed his own vision of a different life, one no one else had yet tried—to live on the blood of animals and overcome a desire for human blood, in order to do good in the world. He chose not to turn people at random, but to save them from death out of compassion, and then taught them his lifestyle. Carlisle tries to choose people based on an instinctual understanding of them, and is quite wise in how he molds his children. He has no biases and no built-in expectations of life, and focuses a great deal on understanding his family from the inside out. He wants to shape them in a specific way, and has less of a traditional mindset than his wife (she notices before he does that Edward ‘needs to find a mate’).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Carlisle is peaceful, compassionate, and nonjudgmental, able to accept human, vampire, and werewolf alike. He frequently tries to broker peace between family members whenever they fight, and even tries to appeal to the better nature of the Volturi. He was even willing to tolerate living among them, despite their vast different approaches toward humanity (Carlisle’s compassion and Aro’s ruthlessness and callous disregard for human life). He is patient, and self-controlled, able to passively avoid bloodlust and serve in a position as a doctor. Only Bella rivals him for being able to control herself and not hurt people, since she shares his ability to numb herself. His 1 wing is principled, moralistic, and duty-driven. Carlisle believes in being good and not crossing moral lines; he felt such horror seeing the Volturi abuse people that he peacefully left them in order to start a new movement based around goodness, compassion, and denial of one’s own ‘sinful’ nature. He has managed to remain friends with all manner of vampires, even those who do not share his dietary habits.