Jacob likes to take physical control, and try and shape events; he kisses Bella to show his affection (she doesn’t appreciate it) and becomes hugely aggressive in protecting her daughter. He “laughs at the gore that make other men cringe.” He is physically confident and aggressive; he enjoys extreme sports and risk-taking in his wolf form. It bores him to run the border each day, and wait for something to happen. Jacob is easygoing and neutral unless something does not go his way, but even then he’s willing to change his mind (he tells Bella even after she turns, he’ll still care about her and maybe even be her friend). He’s an excellent mechanic, good at fixing motorcycles, and with a rational reason behind all of his assertions: Bella’s decision to become a vampire makes no logical sense to him, she could stay with him, not have to change for him, live a normal life / have a normal lifespan, stay with her family and friends, and have kids. He spends a lot of time inferring: don’t be an idiot, Bella! Can’t you see the logic here?! “I love you, Bella.” “Being with me would be as easy as breathing.” “I wish I didn’t hear their thoughts, I can’t stand the pain-fest.” Jacob is free with his opinions and feelings; he doesn’t hide his contempt for the Cullens or for Edward’s controlling behavior. He believes he can “read her feelings” (“I love her, and she loves me… and I could have made her happy if you would have stayed away just another six months”). It kills him to keep his wolf secret from her. Jacob is willing to change his mind; he also slips into Imprinting with ease when it happens, and doesn’t fight the ‘pack mentality,’ since it gives him a sense of Fe belonging. Bella’s choice to become a vampire torments him, because he can see a future for her that he doesn’t like. Jacob doggedly tries to change her mind, with single-minded obsession. He has a negative impression of the future, but also a few cuttingly true insights into Edward’s behaviors and motives. But many of his conclusions… are wrong (he assumes Edward is the motivating force behind “I want to become a vampire,” when in reality, Edward keeps trying to talk her out of it).

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Jacob submits to Sam without question, allowing him to lead the Pack, even though it’s his rightful place as the grandson of a chief to assume a leadership role. He doesn’t assert his authority and form his own pack until Sam wants to kill Bella and the Cullens for breaking the peace treaty. He is loyal, devoted, and unable to stay mad at Bella, or even hate Edward—because he is willing to protect them and to change his mind. His primary objections to various of Bella’s actions come from a place of rationality and awareness of her mortality; he chastises her for being stupid and reckless and diving off a cliff alone. He tells her she’ll get killed having a ‘honeymoon’ in her human state, because he fears Edward will rip her apart. He takes up a patrol to protect the Cullens and the baby from Sam and the other pack, and tells Leah and her brother to go home, warning them not to isolate themselves from the pack. Jacob even tries to get them back into Sam’s pack, by brokering a deal with Sam to protect them. His 7 wing is fun-loving and adventurous; he often likes to joke around with his friends, has a good sense of humor, and soon overcomes his resentments—though his first instinct when he’s upset is to run away. He spends months roaming in Canada, to escape everyone and avoid thinking about Bella.