Alex forms an immediate emotional attachment to Dan, and tries to become whatever he ‘needs’ from her early on in their weekend-long adulterous affair. But once he announces that he has to get home to his wife, she becomes emotionally manipulative in an effort to get him to stay and be nice to her. She slits her wrists, has an emotional meltdown, becomes clingy and codependent, shows up at his place of work to get attention (knowing she is jeopardizing his reputation, and that he cannot throw her out without making a scene), threatens to tell his wife, tries to befriend his wife  by pretending to be interested in purchasing an apartment (therefore getting their new phone number, so she can continue harassing him), and even using “I’m pregnant,” and “I’m not the kind of girl who sleeps around” to try and establish a long-term relationship with him. All of this is aided and darkened through her Borderline Disorder, which gives her manic highs and lows, but her go-to is always emotional engagement and manipulation. She attacks him where she knows it will hurt—his wife and kids. Alex also has somewhat traditional expectations of what a woman gets out of a relationship—she assumes him staying “two nights” instead of one means he is interested in a relationship; she assumes this is a long-term affair and that she can be his mistress; she assumes that they will go out and do things together, like seeing the opera and having dinner. Alex thinks he has an obligation to be a parent to their unborn child, and that telling him about her pregnancy will force him to stick around—it baffles her mind that he isn’t interested, and wants to pay for an abortion. She has a whimsical, playful lower Ne, but is quite poor at anticipating his reactions—almost always wrong in her conclusions, and has no capacity to analyze her behavior or his actions and reach a detached conclusion, that she simply isn’t wanted, that her wrathful behavior is self-destructive, and should quit trying to get him back.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Alex is all about love. She wants it so bad, she’s willing to do anything to get it, including seducing a man she barely knows after having a meal together and then trying to hold onto him when he wants to go home to his wife. At one point, she angrily lashes out at him for having “taken what he wanted” (sex) and thinking he doesn’t owe her anything in return (a relationship). She expects her doing for him means getting something in return, which is the embodiment of a 2 mindset: give to get, and becoming resentful when the other person doesn’t respond in kind. She waffles back and forth between being hysterical and clingy, swinging into accusations, repentance, and justifying her behavior as being more virtuous than it is, and finally disintegrates into a full-blown Borderline “8” episode. She decides she WILL NOT BE IGNORED and becomes violent, aggressive, threatening, willing to abduct Dan’s daughter to scare him and kill their pet rabbit, all to “teach him a lesson.”