Dan makes a reckless, in the moment decision to sleep with a woman he barely knows, and it backfires big time. What he sees as a brief adulterous fling over a weekend turns into a horror experience, when Alex refuses to accept the facts of how he viewed their relationship—as sex, nothing more. Impulsive, spontaneous, “my wife isn’t here” sex. He never thought about the impact it might have at his job, since they work together, about her feelings in the matter, or how it might backfire, just about the momentary opportunity of an available “adult” who wanted to have fun with him for a couple of days. It doesn’t take him long to see she’s unhinged and needs help… but he still doesn’t take proactive measures, and assumes he can just ignore her and she will go away. Though he tries to be polite at first, he doesn’t get her emotional involvement and handles her feelings poorly. He assumes he can fix it by being frank with her and stating that they are nothing to each other, and he has a happy home life. When that doesn’t cause her to back down, Dan changes their phone number, moves to a house out of their apartment, and hopes he can avoid her. When she threatens his child and kills their pet rabbit, he breaks into her apartment and almost kills her in a blind rage. He successfully fends off her attempt to stab him with a knife, only to wind up almost drowning her later when she attacks his wife. Dan doesn’t see why a couple of nights together means he has any obligations toward her, nor does he get why she intends to keep the child; he offers to pay for her abortion, as the extent of his involvement. He is also prone to her manipulation—she uses emotional tactics to make him feel bad, such as slitting her wrists out of despair that he intends to leave her. But all that charm goes away once he has no more use for her, in a typical “unhealthy ESTP” behavior of using her for a good time, without caring about her in a genuine way.  

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Dan has a perfectly decent life—a kid who adores him and a wife who loves him and provides him with everything he needs, physically and sexually… and for no other reason than pure hedonism and availability, he sleeps with a woman he meets through work. Then, he tries to abdicate any responsibility for having done so, by insisting they both knew it was just a fling, that he didn’t intend her to take it seriously, and whatever fallout there is isn’t his fault. He assumes he can just ignore her or run away and have the problem disappear… but when it doesn’t, he becomes more anxious, reactive, paranoid, fearful of being found out, and turns to the authorities in hopes that they will do something about it for him. His own violent attempt to strangle Alex, triggered by fear of her harming his daughter, scares him so much he runs out of her apartment.