Ryan refuses to consider any scenario that does not make sense to him, and points out the logic of all his intuitive leaps and deductions—he uses what he knows about Ramius being an unpredictable maverick to assume (accurately) that he is defecting along with his lead officers and bringing them a dangerous new submarine. Others doubt and question him, and he insists that “it’s the only logical conclusion.” Each new twist that comes up, every piece of evidence, he examines and uses his Ne to “keep up” with Ramius’ decisions. He figures out things as they are happening, both on a logical level and on an intuitive level—anticipating Ramius’ immediate moves, thinking about how they can accommodate his defection and make it look like him and his submarine have been sunk to avoid an international crisis, and believing his conclusions are accurate even when others doubt and question him. When they push him, he often points back to “what we know about him” as part of his reasoning, showing Si referencing and Ne branching off of existing knowledge. Ryan is a little surprised to find out his book about submarines and captains is “all wrong,” which isn’t surprising since he based it all on theoretical rather than practical knowledge. He doesn’t seem comfortable with a sensory environment and is hesitant to engage, reminding people repeatedly that he is just an analyst and not a field agent. He has a warm and approachable nature, is easily able to engage in small talk, and is able to make people like him (sharing stories about his daughter and her teddy bear, etc).

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sp

Ryan has built a career out of detached reasoning and being an expert on things without ever setting foot in the field. He wrote a book about submarines and historical battles, but never went out and got any experience. He doesn’t want to get experience now, either, and is forced to go to sea, climb into a submarine, etc., without really enjoying it; he reminds people that he analyzes, he doesn’t “do” things. He is firm in his convictions and believes his own logic wholeheartedly, despite others’ arguments, often consulting himself and making his own decisions ahead of talking to other people—urging them to give Ramius a chance to defect and thinking up ways to protect him. He can be somewhat awkward and not know how to approach new people, but his 6 wing is also willing to work as a team, able to make small talk to appeal to others, and believes in respecting the chain of command… to a degree. Ryan still 5ishly does whatever he wants.