Hela is yet another MCU ENTJ villain—a powerful visionary who scorns traditional methods and believes that she is the only person with enough ‘vision’ to bring about a new world order. She bases her entire assessment of herself on how utterly efficient she was in the external world – her dominating of other cultures, her work alongside and for her father as they conquered worlds, her efficiency as an “executioner,” and her ambition, which became “too ambitious for Odin,” so he cast her aside. She asks her people to accept her, and then kills them when they resist her (and says it’s a shame, a waste of good talent—she can objectively see the usefulness of the ‘greatest fighting force in the universe’). Hela also delegates less important tasks to others, including appointing an ‘Executioner.’ She clarifies that the original role was not just to kill people, but to ‘execute’ her will—and she sees potential in the man she gives the position. She also immediately knows that he is ‘a smart man with a survival instinct,’ and how to capitalize on that for her plans. Hela is nontraditional in that as the firstborn, she thinks her intelligence and ruthlessness meant she is born to rule, even though she’s a girl—and the crown will pass to Thor. She talks about having a vision, how her father lacked scope, and her plan to conquer every known universe. She wants her lackey to skip over the boring stuff about his life and tell her about ‘his ambition.’ Hela doesn’t love to fight in hand-to-hand combat, but will sigh and do so—showing her ability to use her sensing function to dominate and challenge others. Hela takes risks in her leadership and in how she rules, she often handles bad situations for herself, and revels in the memories of going into battle and slaughtering her way through enemy armies. ENTJ villains do not mind getting their hands dirty. Once she returns to Asgard, she sets about securing her power, bringing an army into being, and returning to her initial intention of galactic domination – all the while, in true unhealthy inferior Fi fashion, feeling angry, misunderstood, and resentful that her father “erased” her from the history of Asgard, thus devaluing her, denying how useful and proactive she was, and hiding “the truth” of their history. She cares less who people are, than what they can do for themselves… and for her.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/so

Hela scorns her father for his weakness in becoming ashamed of how he conquered worlds and obtained power, because in her mind, they are there to be conquered and there’s no reason to apologize for your actions, no matter how ruthless they are. She demands that her Executioner be brutal and give her a show of strength; when her father’s armies refuse to bend the knee to her authority and challenge her instead, she eradicates them and then remarks, ironically, how tragic it is to waste their lives like this. Her 7 wing is funny and full of sarcasm, often making mean and off-handed jokes, such as when she burns Thor’s eye out and then snarks that now he really reminds her of their father.