Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Hela bases her entire assessment of herself on how utterly efficient she was in the external world – her dominating of other cultures, her work alongside and for her father as they conquered worlds, her efficiency as an “executioner,” and her ambition, which became “too ambitious for Odin,” so he cast her aside. Though she mentions how her father did not have enough vision, all of Hela’s strong beliefs are formed in her past. She is the firstborn, so she believes she deserves to rule. She talks about how her father became ashamed of his past and tried to hide it with lies, and that she wants to continue what they started. Hela references the worlds they conquered together, how she felt to rule at his side and be his Executioner. When she resurrects her dead army and brings her enormous wolf back to life, she says how much she has missed them all. Hela expects people to welcome her and bow to her authority because she has a long history with them, and is angered when they do not want her or accept her as their Queen. She self-references a lot even when offering other people opportunities, reminding them of what an honor it is to stand in her previous shoes. In short, her fascination with power is all rooted in past archetypes, the belief that the oldest child rules regardless of their temperament, and in the betrayal of her family. Once she returns to Asgard, she sets about securing her power, bringing an army into being, and returning to her initial intention of galactic domination – all the while, in true unhealthy inferior Fi fashion, feeling angry, misunderstood, and resentful that her father “erased” her from the history of Asgard, thus devaluing her, denying how useful and proactive she was, and hiding “the truth” of their history. She cares less who people are, than what they can do for themselves; she wants to learn their ambitions, not their history.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/so

Hela scorns her father for his weakness in becoming ashamed of how he conquered worlds and obtained power, because in her mind, they are there to be conquered and there’s no reason to apologize for your actions, no matter how ruthless they are. She demands that her Executioner be brutal and give her a show of strength; when her father’s armies refuse to bend the knee to her authority and challenge her instead, she eradicates them and then remarks, ironically, how tragic it is to waste their lives like this. Her 7 wing is funny and full of sarcasm, often making mean and off-handed jokes, such as when she burns Thor’s eye out and then snarks that now he really reminds her of their father.