Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Valkryie makes rational decisions that are not always moral or compassionate, such as abandoning her role in the Valkyrie army and fleeing to a trash planet, to live out the rest of her days drowning her sorrows in alcohol. Once there, she sells people into slavery to die in the arena because it’s lucrative, without a hint of moral indignation, in part due to her own anger over what befell herself and her friends. She assesses situations, reaches internal logical solutions (we need a bigger ship, mine will be torn apart in that void; I’ll draw fire, you go!) and acts on them. Valkyrie was a bad-ass female warrior, who since she lost her girlfriend and entire battalion to Hela in the last war, has taken to drinking, rummaging through trash for things to sell, and opportunistic bartering instead. She’s still extremely present, doesn’t mind mowing down her adversaries (or leaping into battle), and is good at using the world around her to further whatever agenda she wants to set (chasing down bad guys, risk-taking in leaping from flying planes, and she’s the best pilot on the planet). Her low Ni shows in her pessimistic attitude toward the future, and in not reading between many lines, nor showing much interest in a greater design for her life, but as Thor convinces her to give it another chance, she becomes more optimistic and committed to bringing about peace. Though unconcerned with the plight of other people at first, she’s also (eventually) open to Thor’s emotional persuasions as he instills a sense of duty in her. She becomes testy when he challenges her sense of honor and asks her to reignite her passion for their homeland, which shows a vague tendency to want to impress and / or be taken seriously. Valkryie winds up believing earnestly that saving the lives of their people is more important than making sure she gets out alive herself, showing her growth into caring for the welfare of others rather than profiting off their suffering.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Valkyrie gave up after the destruction of her family and friends and when Thor finds her, does nothing on the alien planet except drown her sorrows in drinking. She is a mess who has let her life go to hell, who cares about nothing and no one, and who doesn’t want to push herself out of her comfort zone or face her painful past. But the more she’s around Thor, the more she hears his impassioned speeches, the more she falls into his beliefs in a desire to become something greater than her past troubles. She shows aggression and belligerence under pressure, giving Loki the smack-down she thinks he deserves, and fearlessly racing into peril. But she oftentimes just zaps Thor rather than argue with him, allowing electricity to do the hard work for her.