Thor Ragnarok: Loki [ENFJ 4w3]

Function Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Given a chance, Loki integrates into any society, becoming important and valuable in its eyes by appealing to whatever he senses someone wants most, such as when he lands on the trash planet, he becomes a valued member of the Grand Master’s inner circle without even trying. He doesn’t want to devalue himself by pretending to be injured, but he does it because Thor insists (and it works). Loki in other films wants honor, praise, and for others to bow before him. Loki laughs when his brother gets smashed by the Hulk, because now “you know what it feels like!” He goes to great lengths to emotionally manipulate people and wound other people, by targeting what he assumes will be most hurtful to him (such as when he inadvertently clues Black Widow into his ultimate evil design). He often appeals to his brother’s emotions, by pretending to be what Thor wants from him, all so that he can (sometimes literally) stab him in the back and/or fake his own death to assume their father’s throne. When Thor turns up having figured this out, he finds Loki has commissioned plays and theatrics that play up his own selfless behaviors, in order to make the people like him more. Loki is devastated at the thought that Odin does not see him as “equal” to Thor, when he knows he has a much higher intelligence level, simply because he is adopted. This spurs his desire to take the throne for himself. He has always had one primary goal … the throne … and works toward it tirelessly. Before he turns dark, Loki warns Thor against reckless behavior, hinting that he should think about the long term consequences of his actions. He is very good at reading other people, seeing their true potential, and twisting that to his advantage. He rarely enters into something before he has worked it all out in advance, however he can also leap recklessly onto greater opportunities, seizing the advantages of the moment, which sometimes turn out badly (him “aiding” the escaped prisoners, which end in the death of his mother, and challenging Valkyrie to a fight, in which she hands him his ass). He is clearly comfortable adapting quickly to a new environment and not afraid to take big risks in pursuing what he wants. Loki also has expensive taste … he will settle for only the throne. He pompously, recklessly and arrogantly challenges and lectures the Hulk, which … in hindsight was a bad idea. Though a thoughtful schemer, Loki is so quick to engage Black Widow that he foolishly reveals his intentions before he wanted to; he can become so consumed by emotion that all reason flies out the window and he cannot rationalize away any of his feelings, although he has clearly analyzed his adversaries in order to find and exploit their weaknesses.

Enneagram: 4w3 so/sp

Loki focuses on how life has wronged him—his abandonment as a child, his stepfather not treating him as equal to Thor, him being denied a throne he believes is his by right, because he is more intelligent than his brother. He has a duel sense of feeling neglected, unwanted, and persecuted, and at the same time feeling superior in all ways to Thor and wanting to humiliate him. He suffers from a terrible envy that drives most of his major decisions, including his egomaniacal need to create chaos and benefit from it, when he seeks ultimate power on earth. His 3 wing allows him to adapt, to shape-shift, and to take on different personas to appeal to whomever is around, all while looking down on them for their inferiority. He ranges from being self-absorbed and over-emotional, to hiding his true feelings (about his mother’s death) and deciding to do the right thing after all, when he helps his brother rescue their people from Hela’s clutches and get her away safe.