Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Thor has always been the footloose and fancy free son, prone to leaping into action, starting (and finishing) conflicts, adapting to his environment, taking on monsters, villains, and any challenge with total confidence that he can ‘handle it’; after losing his hammer, his ego takes a blow since he is no longer as ‘capable’ as he once was; it takes him significant time and a vision from his father to reassure him that the hammer was merely a symbol, a tool to use to channel his powers, not the primary source. Thor would rather tackle a problem directly, with confidence he can ‘make it work’ than discuss tactics or come up with foolproof plans; he clashes with Tony’s more hard-assed approach due to his easygoing tert-Fe, which finds enjoyment in bonding with people, in motivating and flattering them to greater acts of heroism, and in accepting whatever the planet says is ‘socially appropriate.’ Thor frequently tries to influence the emotional mood by telling jokes, but is awkward in expressing his own feelings; he can be ego-centric and annoyed when others don’t flatter or praise his strength. He lies to Bruce and the Hulk about which one he likes best, just to appeal to each of them individually and win them over to his flattering argument. Thor’s inferior Ni shows in his tendency to over-trust Loki and fall for his illusions (until he has been tricked more than once), his optimistic belief that it will all turn out fine / that they can defeat any adversary, and his inability to understand his own symbolic role in the universe so much as to take it for granted that he was born to be ‘a hero.’

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Thor is an eternal optimist who always looks for the bright side of life, is bursting with confidence, and doesn’t like to be seen as anything less than “the GOD of Thunder.” Not Lord. GOD. He will argue with the Hulk about which one of them is stronger, braver, and more intelligent, not wanting to give ground and admit that he has been out-punched (when Banner asks him which one of them won the fight, Thor boasts “I did. Of course.” LIES). He turns up places and assumes his name, his title, his self importance will get him places, and it doesn’t always work. Thor has a 2 wing desire to help people and be useful, and is often eager to throw himself wholeheartedly into their life and problems in order to fix things for them. He’s sensitive to the issue of “being dumped” (he wants to assume he did the dumping… it never happened). After the blip takes a bunch of his friends out of existence and he loses Loki for real, Thor falls into extreme 9 disintegration. He turns into a lazy, unmotivated overweight slob who doesn’t care about his appearance any more, see any reason to participate in anything, and hasn’t maintained any of his regimens.