Sarah is objective when it comes to assessing people and situations—she knows her mother needs to use forceful language to threaten people and to bluff, but also that her father might not call the police on their behalf, because “his new girlfriend won’t let him.” She thinks he has changed and is no longer as invested in their life. She is able to control most of her emotions, even though she knows if she escalates, she could go into a diabetic down spiral and then fall into a coma. It’s only after several hours in the confined space, and being unable to find anything with sugar in it, that she starts to become anxious. Sarah digs through the stuff contained in the room, and uses a flashlight to flash Morse code “SOS” at the building across the street. She sees a chance to steal her diabetic pouch and sneaks the needles out of it into her hand, then leaps onto the man attacking her mother and plunges them into him, to protect her. The first time we meet her, she’s happily riding a scooter down the street, and then carries it inside and rides around on the wooden floors until told to stop. She also climbs into the elevator and quickly finds out how it works, by playing around with the buttons. She becomes increasingly more negative and borderline hysterical after a certain point, dissolving into an emotional upset and needing her mother to calm her down.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Sarah has a cracking sense of humor and likes to self-deprecate; she’s obedient to her mother up to a point, but also challenges her at times, and has no trouble adapting to her new home or making jokes about it. But she’s also pessimistic, fearful, and comes up with the worst-case scenarios. She assumes they’ll be stuck in the panic room forever, and run out of food; she worries about the thieves’ ability to break into the room through the floor or the walls. She hovers at the door, watching her mother rummage around under the bed for her cell phone, anxious about her getting back in time before someone comes upstairs. Sarah hesitates before she tries to defend her mother, since she doesn’t know what to do and has to think before she acts.