It’s unclear who decided that Clancy would start up a secret camp, posing as a great savior of lost kids, to lure them in and recruit them for a governmental “army,” but Clancy has managed to keep it going for quite some time, and he has even done it without his father’s assistance (the implication being that he did something to his father a long time ago). He has a “vision” for what he wants (an army built up of powerful kids whom he can control and who see him as their cult leader) and has steadily worked toward it for a long time, gaining their trust, making them believe in a universal good outcome for all of them, finding ways to draw them in, and then culling them for the most rewarding sets of kids… and then starting the process over. He instinctually feels drawn to Ruby because of her power, sees what he wants her to become, and sells her on a narrative he knows will appeal to her, by reminding her that only he can understand her, because only they are both level oranges in the system. He charms and persuades her into allowing him into her head, so that he can figure out how she mind-wipes people—because Clancy intends to do that later himself, even to her. He wants to control her mind, erase what she doesn’t need to remember, and make her his servant. All of his talk is “we”-based. “We are the only ones…” “We don’t need to be afraid…” “let’s make a better world for all of us…” “We’ll figure it out together…” He thinks if he can just hack into what she knows, he can use it himself. Clancy is highly inactive in his environment, relying on his powers in a fight and on using other people to subdue his enemies. And his lack of emotional awareness at the end is almost what gets him killed when he cannot outrun a helicopter-plane implosion that sets off a fire.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Clancy is living a very convincing lie—of being a savior of these kids rather than their downfall, since he’s pretending to rescue them and really setting them up to be culled and recruited into his own personal lethal military force. He shifts to become whatever they need or want him to be, but drops the façade as soon as they leave the room. He can be charming and seem generous, but really it’s all about gaining power through using people to get him what he wants most, and he’s willing to use deceit, to mind wipe people, and even hurt them in the process. He wants to be admired, loved, and followed, as a leader of special kids.