Liam has a warm and charismatic presence, which immediately focuses on making Ruby feel wanted, included, and part of the group to which he belongs. He chooses to take her in even though they don’t know what she can do or who is chasing her, because to leave her behind would feel wrong to him. He tries to coax her out of her shell by talking about his previous life, his losses, his parents, and his experiences dealing with outsiders (whom he distrusts because of his own interactions with them). When she runs away to be alone after deciding not to reconnect with her parents, Liam chases after her and restores to her the sentimental keychain she threw on the ground. He is reactive in the moment, asking her to drive the car so he can use his powers to prevent the bounty hunter from catching their van, and being somewhat sentimental about leaving their van behind in the woods (he says maybe they should light it on fire or something). Though prejudiced toward the outsiders who are trying to help kids and distrustful of their motives, Liam is willing to risk his own life to stay with Ruby and Charles after Charles is injured. He says the camp “doesn’t feel right,” but has no real reason why they shouldn’t stay. Liam is easily insulted and doesn’t often consider that he may be wrong; he feels upset that Ruby is connecting so much to Clancy since he assumed they already had a connection, and feels angry that she sees him as someone she cannot talk to or who cannot understand her, because he is not an “orange” (as powerful as she is).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sx

Liam is cheerful, good-natured, and willing to help a total stranger when they find her stowed away in the back of his van. He gives her more food than they can spare, tries to offer her a pair of socks to form a connection, tells her how beautiful she looks in the dress Zu forces her to wear, and generally tries to get close to her. He persuades her to dance with him in the camp and becomes easily jealous of someone else’s romantic affections for her. He can become aggressive when provoked and protective over his friends, risking his own life to save and help them. Liam wants to do the right thing, so makes choices that he can live with, suppresses his negative emotions, and deals with a lot of anger that he doesn’t easily express.