Ruby makes decisions on what she feels is morally right for the people in her life, including self-erasure as a child when she feared she might be putting her parents in danger by having her around. She didn’t realize what she was doing was erasing them from her memories, but once she makes the long journey home, she realizes she cannot go into their house—she would only scare them, they would not remember her, and it would mean never regaining her precious childhood memories. She often runs away to be alone with her feelings and does not want to confide in those around them, only truly connecting to Clancy when he makes her feel truly understood, because he’s another “orange” (a powerful one). Ruby shows flits of Ne in her idealism, her desire to connect to other people, her belief in a greater world, her naïve acceptance of Clancy’s leadership and her willingness to adapt, but she also has heavy ties to her past. She initially wants to just go home, where she feels she will be safe, and to undo what she did to her parents, not realizing that you can never go back and have things the way they were. She carries around a sentimental token from her childhood as a reminder of former happiness, and doesn’t want to believe that the world has changed so much that she would not recognize her old neighborhood. Ruby eventually chooses to wipe her boyfriend’s memories for the greater good, so she can take up a new mantle of leadership in the community. Under pressure, she does uncharacteristically cold things, like forcing prison guards to hurt themselves (based on what she has seen other orange or reds do), or telling the bounty hunter chasing them to walk into the woods and keep going forever (condemning her to death, since she won’t be able to stop “no matter how tired or hungry” she gets).

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Ruby makes all her decisions from a place of fear, simultaneously being distrustful of and accepting of other people. She sees a memory in someone else that causes her to distrust and run away from them, only for her to rely on a group of kids and ask them to hide her. She doesn’t want to place them in danger, so she tries to convince them to abandon them… but then makes them her “family” and looks out for them. She doesn’t trust outsiders easily and it takes her a long time to open up to Liam. But her desire to feel included and belong somewhere, to have someone understand her, connects her to Clancy in ways she cannot understand. And, she isn’t afraid to turn on him when he proves to be untrustworthy, after he tries to assault her and then threatens to wipe her memories.