Edward is a workaholic who can’t take time off even to spend with a beautiful woman. His previous relationships have left him, after claiming they spent more time with his secretary than him (he wonders if this is true, but does nothing about it or to prevent them from leaving). He’s in the business of taking corporations and selling them off piecemeal, or as he tells Viv, “screwing people for money.” He doesn’t spend much time thinking about how this impacts them on an emotional level until after spending more time with Vivien. Her love of life, vivacious energy, and enjoyment of people cause him to start wondering about his life choices. But prior to that, he is all about the bottom line. He hires her for the night and negotiates a fair price, then hires her for the week and negotiates a decent price. When she teasingly drops the hint that she’ll be so wonderful, he never wants her to leave, he reminds her that “this is business.” The implication being, at the end of the week, we’re done. He is something of a visionary who admits that very few people surprise him, but Vivien does. He can see potential in her where others might not, which makes him keep her around, both for enjoyment of her company, usefulness, and because she’s unusual and appeals to his sense of wonder. Edward is a bit impulsive, in that he grabs his friend’s car and drives off in it, but has no idea how to shift gears and is intimidated by all its horsepower. He also keeps her around, hiring her full-time, decking her out in beautiful clothes, and spending money easily on room service, without thinking about how it might hurt his reputation if it becomes public. Finding his partner trying to assault her causes him to bodily react and throw him out. Like a lot of ENTJs, Edward underestimates his own feelings. He assumes he cares less for Vivien than he does, only to go running after her at the end of the week, faced with never seeing her again, and make a sappy declaration of love on her balcony.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Edward has a weird relationship with his ethics. He is firm and dogmatic, he has no problem laying down boundaries and asserting himself, but he also isn’t quite sure why he brought her up to his room and at first, resists her advances. He asks her to dress more appropriately when going up to the hotel, since he’s worried about how it might look, and he doesn’t like it much when she reveals herself frankly as a prostitute to a couple of haughty bystanders. Being around her makes him start to question his own motivation and get more in touch with doing the right thing (being sympathetic to people’s needs, and willing to work within their companies instead of chopping them up and selling them off) than his usual detached method of non-emotional engagement. Others comment on how cold and distant he can be, since his 9 wing hates conflict of any kind. He will simply walk out of the room and/or try to appease someone if he must.