Vivian admits that she lives one moment to the next, and doesn’t think much about what lies ahead or what is in her past. She becomes a hooker to make money so she can hopefully go back to school one day and gain a proper education. When Edward picks her up in his fancy sports car, she takes him for a ride around the town, telling him she’s going to show him “what this baby can do,” and proceeds to drive way over the speed limit, while telling him all about the car. She enjoys the luxuries of his hotel room and tries to entice him into the sexual encounter he has paid for, then the next morning negotiates really good terms for “staying all week” (four grand). They talk about how both of them are alike in how emotionless they are, that they can “screw people” and not even care. She talks about how she just isn’t in herself when she’s with a guy, except when it matters. She also doesn’t approve of her roommate’s emotionally-driven decisions, such as spending all their rent money on getting high. She has no problem negotiating terms for herself and looking for ways to leverage the situation in her favor (or make compromises to close a deal). Vivian is charming and easily likable, but also wants other people to approve of her. She is so cowed by rich snobs who refuse to serve her in a boutique that she runs back to the hotel to find a sympathetic ear; then the next day she returns all decked out in beautiful clothing to shame them for having made a mistake and rub it into them. Vivien gets her feelings hurt whenever anyone demeans her or treats her like a common whore, even if that’s what she calls herself. She almost walks out on their deal because she felt insulted by Edward’s confession that he hired her at the racetrack. If she senses someone’s disapproval, Vivian will deliberately provoke them to get a reaction, such as when she shows off her skimpy outfit to a married couple in the hotel. She has no problem pretending to be Edward’s niece or his girlfriend. But sooner rather than later, her heart gets involved and she responds eagerly to his romantic advances. Vivien has decided to make something of her life, and to get a more lasting career.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Vivien wants to have a good time is a good-natured, easy-going girl who can’t believe her luck in getting picked up by a nice rich guy who doesn’t want to abuse her, who pays his bills, and who wants her around for the entire week, not only because it’s expedient but because she’s fun. She spends an enormous amount of his money buying new clothes, getting her hair done, even having room service delivery. She sings in the bathtub and amuses herself, is never far away from laughing her head off, and isn’t afraid to turn a bad situation into a joke. But she’s also somewhat insecure. She will try to assert herself with people and if they reject or demean her, will go running back to more sympathetic company. Edward has to help her get respect in the high-end boutiques, and she asks for guidance from the hotel staff when she doesn’t know what fork to use, or how not to humiliate herself or her date.