Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Carl is the Church’s foremost inventor, full of semi-arrogant but good ideas for weapons, technology, and prone to drawing rapid conclusions based on his instincts as he encounters new things; Carl figures out the truth of the map, the connection between Gabriel and the castle, and the reason Dracula has the werewolf cure, just from “reading” books, scrolls, and observing curious things about the castle. He is much more comfortable in an ideas-based environment than in real life; Gabriel has to threaten him in order to drag him from the Church into villages. He’s also always looking for ways to worm his way around ‘the rules,’ by exploiting a situation—such as after being asked if there’s anything a girl could do for him, asking her for a sexual favor and then when she acts surprised, he insists that he’s just a friar, not an actual monk. Carl focuses on the logical angles of a situation; he invents things even though he’s not always sure of their purpose. “I’m not sure what it does yet, but… something” he says, and is quite offended when Van Helsing mocks him for spending years coming up with it, when he doesn’t even know what it does; Carl insists that he does know, he just isn’t sure what it’s purpose is yet. He comes up with rationalizations for his inappropriate behavior (“I’m not a monk, just a friar! I can curse whenever I like!”), and he emotionally reacts to everything he comes across, from exclamations of surprise to generalized moral statements and beliefs (if we are all equal, why shouldn’t Frankenstein have a chance to survive?). It bothers him that the townspeople consider them murderers (“Is it always like this?”) but first and foremost, he’s interested in asking and answering questions. His inferior Si shows up in his lack of interest in Church traditions (he scoffs at celibacy, and disobeys direct orders to free Frakenstein) and his total inability to feel confident in his sensory environment (he’s somewhat useless in a fight and lets Anna or Gabriel do it for him). 

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Carl doesn’t want to take risks and he has no real pleasure in interacting with the outside world on a dangerous level; he’s fearful and dependent on other people to save him, somewhat obedient to certain religious beliefs (being afraid they could get damned for dressing up and attending a masked ball) while being somewhat inconsistent in his behaviors (he will fear being damned, but enjoys sex and swearing). He focuses primarily on inventing weapons and then employing them in self-defense, but he can be courageous under pressure, saving people’s lives and attempting to help his friends. He has a manic, nervous energy about him but also a sense of optimism and fun—he’s often cracking jokes, making sarcastic remarks, and figuring out how to endear himself to those around him.