Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Anna leaps into action as she uses her environment to kick major vampire butt. She swings through windows, snatches weapons from walls, runs into buildings, throws herself from tree limbs, dashes acid-filled glass bottles to the floor, tosses it on jail cell walls to bite through the steel, and isn’t afraid to punch someone in the face, knee him in the groin, or slap a few vampire brides around. She makes decisions based on what she firmly believes to be right, even when it’s not always rational—she has spent years tracking down and trying to kill Dracula’s werewolves, but when her beloved brother becomes one, she adopts the irrational belief that he is fighting against it and can be ‘saved,’ despite all evidence to the contrary. She doesn’t want Van Helsing to kill him, and tries to protect him, only to discover Van Helsing is right and he’s dangerous after he almost kills them all. She also makes a harsh judgment against Frankenstein’s Creature, when she meets him – by assuming he is “evil” and should be “put down,” showing a black mentality of intolerance toward anything Dracula has touched (the Creature is morally ambivalent, and wants to be good). In such situations, she shows aggressive decision-making through her inferior Te, by reaching for immediate, permanent solutions (kill our enemies) rather than nuance. She has a somewhat idealistic lower sense of intuition in how she says to avoid fear of death, you just need to look at it from a different perspective. She also relies mostly on what she sees on the surface (she assumes her brother is dead, assumes she can cure him of the werewolf bite, assumes Van Helsing is a bad guy until she meets him, and underestimates the trap Dracula sets for them all).

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/so

Anna is bold, confrontational and aggressive, challenging Van Helsing the first time she sets eyes on him and expecting him to go along with her plans. She is the first person to rush into action, reacting instinctively to protect others and defend what she considers her own (her brother’s life). She arms herself to the teeth to deal with problems, and doesn’t like him to drag her away from them (he grabs her and throws her out a window, she wanted to stay and fight a room full of vampires!). She wants to protect her loved ones at all costs and finds it hard to be objective when it comes to her brother and how dangerous he has become as a wolf. She warns Van Helsing against his own wolf bite, assuming he too will show rabid symptoms, and is fully prepared to kill him if necessary to protect the human race. Anna stands up to him on numerous occasions, and she likes to hunt and track creatures in a group and be part of something larger than herself. She has an optimistic side that doesn’t always want to deal with reality, and tends to reframe things (seeing death as a gateway into another world, and optimistically hoping Dracula has a cure for her brother).