Izzy’s entire arc is about her fierce need to be true to who she is, and not conform to anyone else’s standards of behavior. She resists her mother’s attempts to convince her to be appropriate through minor acts of rebellion, such as refusing to wear a certain outfit in the family Christmas portraits and then, when forced to do so, discreetly flipping people off with one hand. She doesn’t want to conform, so she acts out musically, wears the wrong outfit on purpose, and clashes mightily with her Fe-dom mother’s desire for her to behave in a certain way. Instead, she gravitates toward Mia, who is another IFP who shares her desire to be individualistic and self-express. Izzy is an artist who dabbles in different mediums, who is excited to get her hands into new projects, who cuts up and rearranges magazine pictures, and who is also a fire bug. She often starts fires for the pure joy of watching them burn. When she feels she isn’t being respected at home, she tries to run away and later on, succeeds in hitting the road with only her backpack and her attitude of survival to ensure she has a secure future. She can be confrontational and aggressive under pressure (low Te) but is also extremely private about her feelings—she doesn’t want anyone to know her struggles with bullies at school due to being gay, and feels deeply hurt and resentful that her girlfriend “outed” her to save her own reputation. She isn’t always aware of other’s feelings, so is surprised and hurt when Mia doesn’t want anything to do with her, after accusing her of being “invasive” and because of her family’s behaviors—that has nothing to do with Izzy, so she rejects it and tries to make amends.

Enneagram: 4w5 sx/sp

Izzy is all about presenting herself as a certain kind of person, who is “anti-everything.” Whatever other people are doing, she does the opposite. However they think, she thinks the opposite. However they dress, she wants to dress the opposite. She’s busy making herself out to be not like everyone else, and in the process, inflating her suffering. She feels  things deeply, but cannot just brush them aside and move on—she dwells in how different she is, how she doesn’t fit in her family, how she was born into the wrong life, because nothing about her is anything like the “picture perfect” world her mother wants to live in. Rather than try and “fit” like her sister, Izzy goes the opposite way, throwing herself into her art, pushing away everyone at school, and only finding solace in Mia, who is her inspiration and a source of comfort to her, because Mia lets her be true to herself in every way she wants to be. She can be isolated, withdrawn, moody, and negative.