Lexie is a lot like her mother, in that she seeks a constant sense of harmony within her emotional environment—for her boyfriend to love and support her decisions, and for her mother to approve of her choices, which makes it hard for her to admit when she has done something wrong. She frequently cuts corners to impress people, such as when she borrows Pearl’s life story and struggles in school to make her own college admission essay seem more valuable. She gets into an argument with her boyfriend about “race” because of it (since he sees her as having a typical “rich white girl” attitude in that she can take whatever she wants), then she gets an abortion without his knowledge or her mother’s permission and again, uses Pearl’s name at the clinic to keep herself out of trouble (since her mother’s friend works there). She is trying to keep up a pretense of being the perfect daughter, going to all the right, expected schools, and balancing her true feelings with others’ expectations of her, but fails to analyze any of her own motives or decisions, leaving her open to accusations of insincerity and carelessness. She is focused, present in the moment, and has certain expectations about how life is “supposed” to be (Si). She cannot connect to her sister, because Izzy doesn’t care about the things people are supposed to care about in her eyes (good grades, long-term relationships, and a stable home life). It’s only after Izzy asks her if she wants to stay trapped in their awful home forever that she agrees with her that something must be done—and helps her siblings burn the place to the ground, to get rid of all their bad memories.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Lexie is all about how things look to other people, and on being and doing what they expect from her—she cares more about how it might appear than whether or not it’s the right thing to do (so she will lie, steal people’s life stories and pass them off as her own, deceive her mother, and use Pearl’s name at the abortion clinic, to protect her own reputation, with no thought for anyone else’s feelings or reputations). She is offended when her boyfriend calls her out on these “fake” behaviors and upset that he doesn’t understand that she needs to stand out, be special, and really make something of her life. Her 2 wing needs and craves love and approval, but she doesn’t ‘serve’ to get it – she just assumes she is lovable and should be treated right, so Mia calling her out on some of her bad behaviors is a shock to her; she expected love, sympathy, and approval or at least acceptance, and to be reassured that she wasn’t a bad person for getting rid of her unborn child.