Pearl is a warm and outgoing girl who wants to do what is right by everyone and who tries to factor them into her decisions. She often conflicts with her Fi-dom mother, because all of her mother’s decisions are based around what SHE wants, rather than seeing her and Pearl as the team that Pearl’s Fe wants them to be. She wants a normal life, the chance to have her own experiences, to settle down, and grow roots in a community, and feels drawn to Trip and his family because they offer a sense of stability that is different from her mother’s nomad lifestyle. She often goes out of her way to help and be useful to people, even taking Lexie down to the abortion clinic so she won’t be alone, despite not really caring about Lexie or liking her that much. She is straightforward with her feelings, and assumes herself to be in a relationship with Trip after they’ve slept together a couple of times. She’s an excellent student, focused on doing her academic best, but also longs for a sense of permanence in her life. She wants to grow old in one place, stay around the same people, and understand more of her past. Rather than intuitively reading into people and situations, she is often caught off guard by them – surprised at her mother’s real reasons for running around and never staying in one place, and she is somewhat astonished when people take advantage of her (as Lexie does).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Pearl makes things all right that aren’t, by external standards – Lexie steals her life for a college application and she doesn’t react strongly to it. Lexie uses her name at an abortion clinic, and Pearl is too stunned to say anything or to protest. She struggles with a desire to please her mother and feel included and the frustration of wanting her own life and for her mother to do what she wants once in awhile. She’s very focused on being appropriate, making sure she doesn’t do anything wrong, and on keeping the peace, and is more forgiving than her mother, willing to overlook people’s flaws and stand by them even if she isn’t their biggest fan.