Ajay is an opportunist who sees no problem in drugging tourists, stealing cash and passports off them, and is a willing accomplice to Charles’ mastermind crimes, although he does not come up with the schemes himself. While initially horrified at Charles’ murderous nature, Ajay does whatever he is told and involves himself in the physical side of what they are doing—drawing people in, inviting lonely girls to come to parties, doing drugs with them, and then drowning them, cutting them open, chopping off their hair, and setting them on fire. He sees the truth of Marie, in that she is not fully invested in what they are doing, and tells Charles it is time to “get rid of her.” He can be charming and attractive to other people, but is also jealous of Marie’s connection to Charles and tries to undermine it by taunting her and trying to provoke her into having an emotional reaction. He’s talked out of his feelings for a nice girl by Charles, when Charles implies that his fondness for her might cause Charles to not care about him anymore, or that they cannot now be brothers, because Ajay has let a white woman “make a slave of him.” He doesn’t think much beyond what they are doing in the moment, or plan for the future, other than to assume wherever they go, they will be there together.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sx

Ajay “left his family” for Charles and sees Charles as his new family; he is unfailingly loyal to him and wants to please him, to the extent that he, both out of devotion and fear, will kill people for and beside him. He is trusting of Charles, and distrusting of other people—seeing Marie as a potential threat and as someone who could jeopardize their schemes. He tries to cause trouble between them, realizing that she is working against him in Charles’ mind… but does not imagine that Charles would ever abandon him for Marie, and is shocked and deeply hurt when his “brother” abandons him on the side of the road. Ajay does not retrieve Marie’s notebook, but accurately guesses that it’s a diary that could do them all harm (she better not be writing things down in it!). He threatens Nadine to keep her quiet, by warning her that they are watching her, but doesn’t appear able to harm her when he’s all on his own. Ajay keeps on the move, does not mind changing up the scenery, and has a playful side that isn’t afraid to experiment or connect to other people. He downplays and ignores their crimes.