Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Charles looks for ways to exploit people’s potential and uses them as cannon fodder for his schemes; he survives by convincing people he has their best interests in mind, then poisoning (and strangling, stabbing, or drowning) them for their traveler’s checks and passports, which he uses to lay down a convoluted “trail” across Europe, so no police can accurately track his movements. He assumes he is so smart no one will figure out this scheme and discover the missing passports, since no one will have reported them stolen… and for a long time, he is right. He buys and sells gem stones to build a profit, recruits Ajay into helping him lure in unsuspecting hippies (whom he despises) into the house, finds and convinces Marie-Andree to become “Monique” and “play a game” with him (convince people that they like them), and grooms people through careful cultivating of their fears, co-dependencies, and anxieties. Charles can be charming and persuasive, making people trust him and assume that he has no ulterior motives for offering them pills to help them feel better, opening his home up to them, keeping them safe, etc. He often recruits people in groups, and doesn’t seem capable of being “alone” very long (he recruits Ajay and Dominique, then Marie, and in India, several new “followers”). Charles accurately assumes most of the time that he can talk or buy himself out of being in trouble. He manipulates the conversation with his interviewer by reframing her question. He can stay one step ahead of the police most of the time, by having an intuitive sense of how to get out of trouble and gaming the system (such as having his girlfriend wear all her jewelry to the police station so he can present it as a bribe and obtain release). He escaped custody once before by faking appendicitis, going through the operation, then fleeing after using his drugs to knock out the guards. He can also be cruel and manipulative with his Fe; when he finds Ajay has been out all night, getting high with a pretty girl, Charles demands to know if she is going to be their next victim; when Ajay says she has “nothing” they can steal, Charles then doesn’t understand why he bothered with her, and manipulates Ajay into leaving her behind by reminding him that they “are brothers… or maybe not, since no brother of mine will be a slave to a white woman.” He uses similar tactics to get Ajay to kill people (reminding him that he has provided for him, and become his “family”). Whenever Marie threatens to leave him or accuses him of his crimes, Charles manipulates and threatens her, by turning the accusation around on her (what will people think of her? She is just as guilty as he is!) and/or playing like he is the victim in their relationship. He forces her to drink something that might have poison in it, so that she can “prove” she trusts him. He uses the same techniques over and over again, but changes up who his identity is, to confuse his trail. Charles is also sentimental in unproductive ways; he is obsessed with not looking like other people, and hating himself for being a “half-breed.” He wants his daughter back, even though he has no connection to her and has not seen her since her infancy. He holds onto his mother, despite having no need for her, and wants acceptance and a “normal life” in Paris (or so he claims).

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Charles likes to have control over people and recruit them as his lackeys, and he is not shy about asserting himself dominantly in the process—he applies pressure to other people to get them to cave in and give him whatever he wants, he has no problem becoming violent and doing the dirty work himself (but he also enjoys forcing Ajay to do it, so he has power over him). He uses intimidation to get what he wants and to scare people off of accusing him, remains calm even in intense situations (telling his cohorts to let themselves be arrested and remain quiet). When he suspects Nadine is lying to him about having helped one of his victims escape, Charles looms over her, talks in low and menacing whispers, and even punches her in the stomach (after letting her hit him) under the guise of “showing her how” to hit someone. He shows no emotions or fears in front of the police, no nervousness to reporters, and remains eerily detached and calm throughout even the most intense of situations. His 7 refuses to take responsibility for any of his reckless and hedonistic behaviors (such as gambling everything away foolishly) and insists to everyone that he can build them a newer, better, more extravagant life than the one they are now living, even when things look at their worst.

Note: Charles ranks super high on the list of psychopathic traits. He displays them all, from superficial charm and lack of compassion for other people, to manipulative and adaptive tendencies, to pathological lying, constant boredom, moving from place to place, and promiscuity.