Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Unlike her boss, Inej has firm moral convictions that she tries (and wants) to live by, which get tested repeatedly by circumstances in her environment; she does not want to kill people, and refuses to do so, unless they threaten the lives of the people she cares about. When one threatens to come after her and “kill all the people she loves,” Inej pulls out her knife and lets her bleed to death, after all. She also focuses on the moral and human element of everything, which is why she isn’t totally on board with stealing away the Sun Summoner. She thinks it would be immoral to leave her chained to the deck of a ship and do nothing about it, so she sides with Mal in their plan of attack. She is adaptable to her environment, which makes her a good thief; she can easily steal into a library and look for information, eluding the guard and using his lack of awareness of her being there to her advantage. Inej picks up being an areal artist easily, remembering her former tricks from when she was a child, and does complicated things, while also noticing that Jesper is paying no attention to anything she is saying, because he’s fixating on a cute guy in the stable. She believes in what she cannot see, and has hopes for the future, which allows her to be right about Alina and also think about what she wants for herself, down the line (it does not include being a sex slave working in a brothel again). When she argues with Kaz about her religious beliefs, she chooses to stand by what she feels is true, and ignore his “logical” arguments. She is pleased later when he begrudgingly admits she is right, and Saints do exist.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Inej seems to want things to be peaceful, and to live according to her own standards, without imposing them on anyone else. Even though she has strong moral and religious beliefs, she manages to get along with and tolerate Kaz and Jasper, whose views differ from her own. She also frequently sacrifices her own way in things to do what they want, especially if it involves saving them. She tries to be kind to everyone, even those who attack her, but also is not above asserting herself and doing them harm to protect others. She will act out in quiet methods of rebellion, disagree, and still stick around with her friends.