Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

 Jesper loves to be right in the middle of things and to improvise, especially if it involves putting his six shooters to good use. He often shows up in the nick of time to save the day, by springing Inej out of a locked library, or blasting through the roof of a moving train to take care of a threat inside the Fold, while cuddling a goat and bonding with it. He abandons his post and mission of getting their escape coach ready because he has the chance of a random sexual encounter. His “trick” with Inej in the traveling show involves dangerously shooting a card in half that she’s holding in her mouth. He acts as Kaz’s wingman much of the time, but also goes by whatever he feels is right. He falls in-between Kaz’s unscrupulous tactics and Inej’s morals, by caring a lot about a few things (his friends, the goat, etc) but not about anything that doesn’t involve him. His method is to blast first, ask questions later, and he doesn’t put much thought into the deeper meaning of anything or how this could backfire on him down the line; he does insist on them needing a plan, but leaves it mostly up to Kaz to figure out what that plan ought to be.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Jesper has a joke for every occasion and takes nothing seriously; he believes in living high and for the moment, ranging from his gambling addictions to his love of drinking, his lack of composure when refusing to tell his friends that Alina just came up out of nowhere and climbed into the trunk at the back of their escape coach, so they needn’t worry about it, and his overall tendency to ‘look for the fun.’ He’s opportunistic and somewhat sarcastic, but also needs his gang to have his back, feels bad if he lets them down, and is prone to fearing for his life and having panic attacks whenever things go wrong. He asks Kaz to think about whether walking away might be the best plan, since they can’t tell how this might impact their lives negatively.