Kaz is a successful businessman who adopts people for their potential; he took Inej out of a brothel because he saw how she could be more useful to him in his unscrupulous business tactics (and because he likes her and doesn’t want to see her used in that way). Kaz immediately leaps at the chance to make a million bucks by tracking down a girl who can supposedly bring ‘light’ into the Fold and tear down the barrier that divides their nation in half. He is financially motivated, and always wants to come up with a “plan.” It’s easy for him to do this, and he feels angry and thwarted when things go wrong, because he can’t think his way around it easily (such as being upset when they lose sight of Alina). Kaz sets up one of their own cohorts for a fall, to expose him and find out what his true motivations are, but also to draw attention away from them. He often accurately speculates about or guesses others’ intentions and the reasons for their actions… but is not above putting himself in the line of danger, taking part in heists, taking risks that could jeopardize his business, or improvising when the situation calls for it. He shows very little emotionalism except in his low-key concern for his friends.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Kaz is a tough, no-nonsense man of unscrupulous methods, who doesn’t mind using his cane to kill people with, if they are so stupid as to threaten his life or the lives of his friends. He looks down on weakness and sentiment, and rolls his eyes at Jesper’s hysterics inside the train; even though Jesper is being upset, he calmly takes note of each barrier marker they pass, and assumes that he can guide them back through the void successfully on his own. Nothing scares or phases him, which makes him a good leader of his merry little band of thieves. Unlike Inej, he has no faith in anything he cannot prove, and doesn’t believe in Saints until he meets one face-to-face and sees her power.