Function Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

General Kirigan approaches everything from a ‘we’ perspective; he sells Alina on the idea of being a Sun Summoner by telling her that together, they could destroy the Fold and protect “our kind” (Greishas, or those with magical abilities). He effectively manipulates her into trusting him and going along with his schemes, when all the time he has alternative plans to use her to control and flex out the Fold, so he can destroy anyone who stands against him and/or intends to hurt his “kind.” Kirigan initially created it out of emotion, after the loss of the woman he loved, and whenever he’s threatened by anyone, such as Mal, he uses emotional tactics to get to them – telling Mal that Alina can hate him for a hundred years if she wants, that seems like a lot to some people, but no to him; and he doesn’t need to kill Mal, because “time will do that for me.” He can be charming and persuasive, likable and romantic, whatever she needs to see to trust him… and then be cold and calculating, focused on his inevitable plan to use the Fold to increase his powers, decimate his enemies, and find a true soulmate in Alina, whom he has “waited for” for centuries – living and loving and seeing Greisha pass by without being “the one.” He easily intuits things about her, both her motivations and what would appeal to her, but never lets her dissuade him from his ultimate goals. Kirigan is mostly hands off in his fighting techniques – he uses magic to slice people and animals in half, rather than going after them himself, but also has been known to get release from Se (he loves to learn to fight, to go riding with pretty girls, and yes, sleep with his minions whenever he needs to focus on something other than the war he intends to win). Kirigan never stops to question his own motivations or what Alina knows, and is shocked to discover that she can manipulate the stag’s bones and their accompanying magic without him. He resorts to emotional threats in an attempt to kill her (if she doesn’t protect them, he’ll kill Mal).

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sx

Kirigan’s enemies accuse him of being power-hungry, and it’s true; he is all about political advancement, controlling how other people see him, and using his authority to protect the people he cares about, and he is easily able to play games with people, show them what they want to see, and achieve greatness, even while he struggles with his deep-seated resentment, his desire for revenge, his guilt about all the pain he has caused innocent people (a temporary guilt), and his resentment at having been born different. He has taken that “tragedy” and turned it into a weapon against others, holding them at a distance while also envying them and feeling himself more important than they are. He wants Alina to feel special and powerful, like himself, but isn’t above callously using her to his own advantage, and arrogantly assuming that one day, even if it takes a long time, she will forgive him and be with him.