Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Alina firmly knows what she wants at all times, and that happens to be Mal, even when other people tell her to move on and put her own interests first. She has firm moral views about what is right and wrong, and tries to resist being used for her powers, but also tends to act on her feelings in the moment. As a child, she cuts her own hand to conceal the results of the test, and even takes her friend out into the field to hide to avoid being tested. Fearful of losing Mal, she burns the maps so she has to accompany him into the Fold to rewrite them. Later, she has to learn magic through doing it, rather than talking about it, and becomes quite proficient at it. She becomes physically involved with the General (and even makes the first move romantically), steals out of the palace (and refuses to do what she’s told), hitches a ride in a trunk and breaks herself out of it once it stops, etc. Though she reads things only on a surface level much of the time (assuming she isn’t special and not wanting to be so, never questioning the general’s motives until it’s too late and needing to be told about his diabolical intentions, and never guesses anyone is intercepting their letters), Alina does show flits of intuition as the story goes on; she intuits accurately that a woman has been sexually abused from childhood, and uses that to form a moral opinion of the man who put her into that position; she correctly intuits that the stag has ‘chosen’ her and that has given her power over its power, even though the general assumes otherwise. She can be direct and even frank under pressure, asserting her wants and needs, but never thinking about how to negotiate for anything (she could demand Mal’s presence in exchange for her wholeheartedly going into her training, but she never thinks about it).

Enneagram: 6w7 sx/sp

Alina forms an intense bond with Mal and assumes that she needs him and cannot do anything without him; she’s so scared of being taken away from him as a child that she fakes her test, so she’s never discovered for her magical abilities, just so they can stay the same and be equal. She doesn’t want to stand out or be seen as different, and fears that will make her hated by the other kids. She’s afraid to let Mal go into the darkness alone, so she takes drastic steps to go with him… and then tries to convince people to send for him, and trusts him to come. But when he doesn’t answer her, she doubts and mistrusts him. She initially resists her training and asks that the General help her with it, saying she needs an amplifier for her powers—it takes her time and effort, and being told not to be codependent, for her to decide to be self-sufficient and use her abilities on her own, rather than feeling like she needs other people. She over-trusts the general, then goes the opposite way and distrusts all of his motives, then wants to trust him again. She also isn’t above running away from her problems.