Bucky focuses on the logic of situations and on addressing them plainly, whether that is to challenge Sam going off “without a plan” or to tell his friend Steve as noble as it is to want to join the military, he is only going to get himself killed in the process due to being small and underweight. He spends a lot of time after he has been de-programmed living alone, trying to analyze what happened to him and trying to cope with his guilt and shame over everything he did for Hydra. He has less interest in trying to save the villains than Sam does, because he views them objectively and disapproves of their actions. When we first meet Bucky, he is showing pretty girls around town and selling them on the idea of his good friend Steve. He intervenes and prevents Steve from getting beat up, is protective toward him, and heads off to fight in the wars. Though a courageous soldier, Bucky gets reprogrammed into a cold-blooded killer and would insert himself into dangerous situations to carry out missions as a Super Soldier. When we meet him in this series, he has become inert in life and does nothing but sit around in his apartment, unable to talk about what he feels. Once Sam convinces him to “rejoin the human race,” Bucky becomes more outgoing, personable, and starts flirting with Sam’s sister (though Sam warned him not to). He is proactive in a fight, reacting quickly, using his bionic arm to rip doors off, and looking for chances to “be heroic.” He is assertive, refusing to follow an “icon” into battle but willing to do it for his friend Steve, challenging and even wanting to give Sam a beat-down for his refusal to accept the Shield (“Cap chose you… he wanted you to have it,” Bucky fumes, implying Cap’s feelings about it have settled the matter and should override any hesitation Sam has toward becoming the new Captain America). He confidently assesses situations and storms into them, convinced he can adapt to survive (and does so). He has flashes of insight that he trusts, such as when he believes Karli is being held against her will even before they question her. Bucky has a lot of trouble with his feelings; in therapy, he refuses to talk to Sam and retreats into a resentful, stony silence. It takes him a long time to vent his frustration about how he feels Sam has mistreated Cap’s wishes, and even then he does not linger on it, but storms off to let him think about it. Bucky eventually confesses his killing of someone to their father, because he cannot stand to let them live in ignorance anymore.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Bucky is headstrong, patriotic, and loyal to his friends. He starts out as playful, warm, and likable, easily able to convince other people to talk to him. He protects and defends Steve, while being honest with him about his shortcomings and not wanting his best friend to get killed in a war. He tries to convince him to stop attempting to get into the military because of his low chances of survival. He is skeptical of authority figures but also seems to need them; he falls in behind people and supports them rather than takes the lead himself—he is content to follow Sam once he has won him over, he is happy to follow Steve into battle, he is willing to fight for his country among his fellow countrymen. He can be cautious but also self-reliant, hesitant to trust others, and unsure of what to do with his feelings. Whenever he is not in an unhealthy place, he warms up to people and uses humor and light provocation to get them to respond to him, such as flirting.