Sam thinks in terms of universal values; his reasons for at first rejecting the Shield are because of how it might appear to others (is it right to do this and would it cause others offense?), but the more he learns about Super Soldiers of his race repressed and held back and ignored, the more capable he feels of taking on the mantel of Captain America for them and championing the rights of those who cannot defend themselves. Even though he has little in common with Karli, he wants to save her if he can, convince her to put aside her terrorist tactics, and avoid killing her. In the final episode, he delivers a moralistic speech about equality for everyone and fair treatment for all, regardless of race. He also operates out of a sense of what is traditional—in his views, the Shield “belongs in a museum” because culturally, it is not his and is from another era. He also harbors a lot of sentiment for the family boat, insisting on saving it and fixing it up because of how important it was to his entire family (and himself) while growing up. Even when his sister wants to move on and forget about it, Sam refuses to back down and persists in trying to save it. He uses fixing it up as bonding time with Bucky and softens toward him during the experience. Sam holds off judging people until he knows more about them, even though he’s not happy that the US Military tricked him and intended to pass off the Shield to someone else once he relinquished it. After he sees it being abused, Sam does what Cap wanted all along—and adopts it, making it his own. Sam at first feels a certain way about Karli, then comes to feel differently toward her after hearing her talk (Fe) and then sees her greater potential, if he can get her off the road she is walking and convince her to give society another chance (low Ne). He is open to changing his mind, but does not spend much time speculating other than pertains to their job in discovering who the Power Broker is, and in following leads around the Super Soldier serum. Sam creates his own unique uniform as the new “Captain America,” and wants to move forward… but he does not spend much time questioning his own feelings or motivations. He makes decisions based on what he feels is right and holds to them.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Sam is all about saving and helping people, including Karli. He wants to save her from herself and show her a better way to be, so he tries to reason with her, convince her that there’s another way to see things, and feels remorse and anger when she winds up dead because of her own decisions in life. He wondered how it would “look” to become Captain America, how people would respond to a Black one, and that made him push it aside, even if it’s what Steve wanted for him. He and Bucky conflict over this many times, until Sam realizes he has to undertake the responsibility, in order to make sure it is used right. His 1 wing can be stern and disapproving, resentful of immature behavior from others and wrongful actions, both within the government and when Karli places his family in danger to get to him.