Levin throughout the story is grappling with his desire to make everything make rational sense and his inferior Fe awkwardness. His way of coming into a belief in God is through a roundabout method, as he thinks his way into belief rather than falling into it naturally. He is introspective and self-inspecting, struggling between his rational thinking and his desire to be spiritual and adopt an outward religion. He is strong-willed and independent-thinking, often dismissive of his own and other people’s emotional needs and out of his depth when forced to provide for his brother. He struggles between disbelief in others’ willingness to conform to what society expects of them and his own need to be true to what he thinks and feels. Levin loves doing the manual labor of farming, even though it’s not expected or required of a man of his position. He dislikes working at a desk, so he goes out into the fields, where he carouses and works alongside the surfs. He feels some scorn for his brother’s political and academic beliefs, preferring instead to work with his hands. Levin is happiest when allowed to be in the moment, but this has also led him into a life of unapologetic debauchery, for which he feels guilt later. He cannot be swayed from an opinion once he forms it, and he is prone to idealizing things and believing them the entire truth, whether that’s his faith or his unrealistic perception of Kitty as a saint rather than a human being. He’s prone to moody and depressive, introspective periods of self-loathing. He can be inappropriate and emotional, without knowing how to handle Kitty’s feelings. He thinks he is doing the right thing by unburdening himself of all his sins the night before their wedding, and is shocked when she accuses him of “soiling their marriage bed” with his filthy lifestyle. She would rather not have know about all his “whoring,” when he simply wanted, in an inferior Fe way, to “clear the air” and receive forgiveness.

Enneagram: 5w4 sx/sp

Levin is an extreme introvert who avoids society and is awkward whenever he finds himself in it. He has very few social skills, feels deeply hurt by rejection, is fearful in putting himself forward, and unable to form connections to other people, except to Kitty… whom he idealizes and romanticizes into an unrealistic set of expectations. He thinks of her as an ideal partner rather than a woman who can be hurt by his sinful confessions of debauched behavior. He thinks, and thinks, and thinks more, often choosing to believe his own conclusions over anyone else. He can be easily wounded and withdrawn when hurt, running away and hiding from Kitty after she has rejected his proposal, and fearing to open himself up to more pain. His 4 wing is often overwhelmed by pain and deeply emotional — when his brother falls ill, it’s Kitty who remains level-headed and sensible in caring for him, while Levil falls to pieces.