Lutz is something of an intentional dreamer, in that he intends to breed bison and come up with a “pure” race of them, resurrecting an extinct species that has been dead 300 years in the process (he is not happy about it when Jan points out that’s “absurd”). As Hitler’s zoologist, he has a vision for developing “perfect” animals and takes the best of the breeding stock away from the zoo after the invasion. He also has good instincts, in that he suspects Jan’s son is not telling him the truth about his parents. A rational man, he makes decisions based on facts—he convinces Antonia to give him all their best animals, because the zoo will be “broken up” and used for resources (meat, for example) rather than kept open during the war. He agrees to let them raise pigs to feed the soldiers with, and uses that as an excuse to bring in his bison for breeding and development. He harbors deep feelings for Antonia, and they come to light in how he tenderly he touches her and talks to her. He is both offended by her offer to sleep with him in exchange for information about her husband’s arrest, and aroused by it – in his anger that she has been lying to him, he almost rapes her, but then stops when he finds out how much she despises him (he asserts, rightfully, that she “gave him another impression” by tolerating his attention). Though he torments her with the idea that he might shoot her son, he cannot do it—it’s against his conscience. He mentions that being in dangerous situations is exhilarating.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Lutz likes to be the center of attention and earn praise, is quite proud of all of his accomplishments, and boastful of his exploits in front of a group—he talks about how it was painful to shoot an animal that charged him (he had no choice) but that her cubs are doing well in his zoo. Later, despite loving animals, he shoots some of them in the zoo, apparently to go along with and impress his companions. He is ambitious and has major dreams and goals for the future, is hard-working and determined to succeed, but his inflated ego allows him to assume Antonia feels more for him than she does. His 4 wing can be withdrawn and elitist, but also a bit moody and defensive. Overall, he is task-oriented, and seeking a deeper connection to the woman he thinks harbors a torch for him.