Eames makes most of his money as a forger, but he also spends time in gambling dens… and is a competent enough “artist” that he can forge personas in dream states. In other words, he ‘becomes’ a person in the mind of their client or victim and convinces them it’s reality. To do this, he studies every minor sensory detail of how they move, walk, talk, and behave, from their tone of voice to their habits and ticks, so that he can replicate them convincingly. Cobb hires him because he is the best, and has a natural ability to size up situations, respond instantly in a crisis, and isn’t afraid to take risks. Much like Cobb, Eames sees no ethical issues with manipulating people, invading their privacy, and taking over their mind to plant ideas in their head, in exchange for a tidy profit. He is successful in convincing others to go along with his schemes, charming, and likable in his ability to work with the team’s best interests in mind. Though occasionally insightful into Cobb, he doesn’t over-interpret anything, much less wonder what the meaning of Cobb’s wife turning up in some of their dream-scapes might be.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Eames is a fun-loving and non-serious man who enjoys making jokes and sees danger as a challenge rather than a threat. He keeps things light but is also aggressive in pursuing what he wants, and unafraid to challenge others on their bad ideas. He appears to live a life full of risk and engagement, from high-stakes gambling to forging checks and assuming no one will catch him at it. He has a mindset of going after what he wants, and not worrying too much about the repercussions, though the discovery that if they die in this state they won’t wake up doesn’t make him happy.