Michael is just crazy about Delysia and cannot understand how she cannot make up her mind to run off with him to New York—just throw her career and ambitions to the wind and go on an adventure with him. He immediately asserts himself out of anger for her jilting him (“You made a fool out of me for the last time… this is it, do or die, no more lies or other men… make up your mind!”) and demands she follow her heart or he’s going to leave her forever and not look back. When another man tries to force her to go outside her comfort zone and do something she doesn’t want to do, Michael gets on his case and says, “She doesn’t want to—end of story!” Michael is somewhat opportunistic and also assertive in the environment—he manhandles Delysia and slams her down on top of the piano to make a point, punches a man in the face (several times) to protect her honor and vent his feelings. He immediately wants a drink after he has told her off, and offers to pour Miss Pettigrew one. Michael admits that he went to prison because after being jilted, he drank a lot and then broke into the Tower of London, intent on stealing her a “better” engagement ring. Michael expresses his true feelings through music, and wants to live in the moment in accordance to them; he only gives her a day to decide if she’s going to run away with him, and gets annoyed when Miss Pettigrew asks him for more time (she should know right now how she feels!). He is not delusional about the woman he loves, seeing her for who she is and aware of her “two-timing” behaviors, all oriented toward getting ahead in life. He is harsh in laying down the ground rules and demanding an answer, and willing to act on his feelings—he storms out of the apartment and the room when she disappoints him.

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/sp

Michael is apologetic when he runs into Miss Pettigrew on the street and bumps into her, then distressed when she’s afraid of him and runs away. He often flees the scene to avoid expressing his disappointments or causing a scene in public, but also has an assertive 8 wing that becomes dominant under stress. He physically grabs Delysia and shakes her so hard her teeth rattle, demanding she make up her mind about him once and for all. He plays a song other than the one she wants, forcing her to sing lyrics that relate to her feelings, rather than letting her get away with dismissing his feelings. And he enjoys punching the heck out of Nick when given the chance.