Delysia has an imbalanced functional stack, in that she lives so much in the moment, she is totally out of touch with her own feelings and has no idea which of the three men she is stringing along (for personal gain and “fun”) actually matters to her. She sleeps with one of them to get a role in a play, binge-drinks, and sleeps in until it’s almost too late to get him out of the apartment before the man who owns it turns up for their usual tryst. She flies at a madcap pace all day long, going to lingerie shows, dressing up her new “social secretary,” and charging it all to the apartment owner boyfriend’s account (“that should put a few more gray hairs on his head,” she giggles). She takes things largely at a surface value and focuses only on what is of personal attraction to her—such as neglecting to notice the gas masks in a department store window and a warning about keeping them with you at all times in favor of admiring the beautiful dress on the model. She admits that she is weak and inclined to fall into bed with all the wrong people, impulsive, scattered, disorganized, and unreliable. She appears to be in a Se/Te loop, choosing her sexual partners to obtain roles in films and keep a roof over her head, and distrusting her heart. She dates Nick so that he will keep her, and a producer so she can have a role in the movies. She loves Michael, but cannot admit it to herself, and must have Miss Pettigrew encourage her to live according to her heart before she allows herself to make a “foolish” decision like run away with the boy who loves her. She is somewhat inept at handling her own affairs, perpetually late to everything, and unsure of herself when it comes to making firm decisions. Delysia does not think ahead at all and has no plan for her life other than wanting to be famous.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Delysia does not want to commit herself to anything serious, and stays busy with distractions, pleasures, and fine things. She gets distracted midway through a serious conversation by giddily talking about how delightful a fur coat is against someone’s naked skin. When Miss Pettigrew says she lives in a “den of iniquity,” Delysia takes it as a joke and busts out laughing. She tries to think her way through everything, and is always fearful of missing out on something more fun and engaging by settling down and making a decision. Miss Pettigrew points out that some choices mean embracing something good, whereas not making one would mean missing out on something important (the man who loves her). She can be somewhat shallow, superficial, and inclined to make excuses for her decisions. Her 6 wing is anxious, reactive, and needy, clinging to anyone who seems to be stronger than she is (Miss Pettigrew) and constantly consulting her when making important decisions. She is cowed by her more aggressive boyfriends, and inclined to please them and appeal to them by being flirty and charming.