Lisbeth is a professional hacker who knows how to access any computer and spy on whatever its users are doing remotely, who easily cracks the encryption on Mikael’s personal files, and smirks at his moral outrage. She is able to shut off her emotions and do whatever she has to, to survive, including performing sexual favors to an abusive man who has control over her financial assets. When Mikael finds his pet mutilated and left on his front step, Lisbeth rushes to get a camera and record the evidence. She works as a skilled personal investigator, and focuses on finding information, but others see her as having an “abrasive” personality. When giving people reports on others, Lisbeth trims out information she considers to be irrelevant to the required data, excluding things about their personal life that she feels has no bearing on the case. She is blunt and factual, saying her caretaker does not have a daughter when the hospital asks her about it, instead, “I am his ward,” and asking to hear his medical information anyway. She leverages a blackmail scheme about her rapist and exploits him for her full inheritance and to keep him quiet. She is physically active and confident in handling herself, chasing a purse snatcher who stole her laptop and beating him up on the escalator, before she escapes with her stuff intact. She admits that she tried to burn her father to death and succeeded, getting 80% of him burned before the end. She objectively gathers information and processes it, using her photographic memory to retain details of the crimes without needing to check her notes, and is highly visual in how she gathers photos and documents to support her conclusions. Lisbeth evaluates things on a surface level, based on the moment—assuming because Harriet’s cousin didn’t call anyone to inform them of a death that Harriet must be dead after all, and that she and Mikael are in a relationship because they had sex several times. She throws him onto a bed, climbs on top of him, and tells him to shut up / stop talking so much, before she seduces him… after having only known him a few days. She picks up a girl in a bar and brings her home, Casual sex is her usual method of relationships. Lisbeth rescues Mikael from being killed by slamming his would-be murderer over the head, then chasing him until he wrecks on his motorcycle, and intending to explode his gas tank with her gun. She exacts very physical revenge on her rapist by electrocuting him, tying him to a bed, sodomizing him, and tattooing “I am a filthy rapist” on his chest, then threatens him with another tat if he attempts to remove it. She wanted him to suffer, and continue suffering, as he made her suffer (low Fe tactic). Lisbeth is out of touch with her own feelings and unsure of how to connect to other people; she is socially awkward, and rather than be emotionally vulnerable, throws her Christmas card away when she sees Mikael with his married girlfriend.  Though she cares deeply about her social worker, enough to tenderly care for him, she never talks about it.

Enneagram: 5w4 sp/sx

Lisbeth is a true loner who sees no reason to make anyone like her, who is intensely private about everything pertaining to her life, who lives alone and avoids forming relationships (she is open to casual sex but not sharing of herself), and who remains detached throughout her investigations, even as she handles detailed, hideous crime scene photos relating to ghastly rape-murder combinations (when the officer asks her if she’s eaten lately, she tells him she isn’t hungry and cannot gain weight due to a medical condition, rather than assuming he means seeing these photos might make her sick to her stomach). Others urge her be more likable and social, but she ignores their advice. Her 4 wing is withdrawn and introverted, causing her to have a sense of being forgotten, abused, and hated by society, and she harbors deep anger and an urge to “get even” and make bad people pay for their actions. She is more moody and affected by things than she cares to let on.