Kida acts before she thinks and is curious and outgoing, trekking into the darkness to locate Milo and then healing him with her crystal after he is injured, before she melts away into the night. She immediately takes him prisoner on another occasion and takes him to her father, out of a hopeful belief that he can somehow save him (a low Ni hunch). Her father remarks that “in times past,” she would have just killed him on sight, without thinking about doing anything else, but she has mellowed over time. She kidnaps Milo a second time, and drags him away to the river, telling him she intends to show him the secrets of their civilization—she knows he can speak the ancient language and hopes he can break a code none of them have been intuitively able to break in a hundred years. She is curious about his world, but also blunt in her assessment of him as a “historian,” because dressed and looking like that, how could he be anything else? (She makes a reference to his skinny physique not being suited to anything else.) She also calls him boorish and says when speaking their language, he speaks through his nose. She isn’t insulted when he butchers pronouncing her name, either. Kita is curious to learn everything about his world, but also excited to try out the machine he ‘activates’ by showing her how to use the crystals. She shows low Fe adherence to the values of her culture—she often references “our civilization,” “our culture,” and “our people,” implying she feels a responsibility to look after them. She tries to convince her father to move past the old ways and embrace the new, since “we have fallen” and talks about “our future,” and how “our way of life is dying.” She talks about the kings of “our past,” and that she wishes there were more “we” could do for Milo’s friends in gratitude for helping to save her life. She does instinctively know that he is going to save them and can solve their problems, and operates off this hunch, but does not appear to make any other insights herself—she is not able to piece together knowledge of the crystal, she never guesses that the crystals they take for granted are part of the force that keeps them safe, and doesn’t fully understand or appreciate her father’s more abstract way of thinking.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/so

Kida is aggressive and fearless, challenging Milo and his friends the first time they meet, grabbing him and dragging him underwater to explore the ancient runes, and beating the crap out of the men who are unfortunate enough to jump on her. She punches a man in the face for being insolent and whispering a naughty thing in her ear, and would have “slain Milo” on sight a hundred years ago before she mellows. She is unphased when a dangerous creature attacks them, merely bites it to kill it and then stuffs it in Milo’s satchel for dinner later. Kida at first intimidates him, but then shows a more good-natured, intellectually curious side later, as she bonds with him over shared aspects of her culture and eagerly interrogates him about his world, his experiences, and his life. She has a wry sense of humor that is also blunt.