Milo is a linguistics expert who can easily understand ancient languages, having studied other related languages—he grasps “how they work” from the inside out, and that allows him to translate a dead language—Atlantian, and speak it reasonably well. He works in a museum taking care of the boiler, and also fixes a machine while on their quest using the same technique, and relates back to his previous experiences when asked how he managed to make it work. Milo is a self-proclaimed expert in “gibberish,” who is attempting to figure out what the journal means and theorizing about the empty page and what it contains. He tells a story about his childhood and delight in finding an arrowhead, but realizing as an adult that it was simply a stone washed into a triangular shape by time (he uses far more technical jargon). He spends his free time deconstructing Latin, babbling about his love of languages, and striving to make sense of the world. Milo believes Atlantis exists despite having no proof; he also thinks they have advanced tech and if he could just find the journal, it would all make sense and prove his grandfather was no fool. He is a dreamer and an idealist whom others accuse of spending too much time studying “legends and folklore,” but he earnestly stands behind all of his intuitive assumptions, convinced that “this time,” he is right about the journal’s location. He says he would know if the journal were a fake, and quickly once he reads the ancient runes poses the theory that Kida’s glowing necklace is one shard of a much larger crystal, a power source that keeps Atlantis alive. Though caught off guard by his companions’ betrayal, he instantly realizes they have come to steal the crystal, knows that touching Kida is a bad idea once she has merged into it, and suspects the king is “hiding something” from them. Milo is sentimental about his grandfather, their time together, and is following up on his work, building on his foundations. He is also poor with the sensory world, constantly making mistakes, crashing into things, directing people in the wrong direction, cannot drive (though he assumes it isn’t hard, and fails to know what a proper pitched tent is supposed to look like. He’s a total klutz most of the time, who is quite free and open with his limited emotions. Milo wants to socialize, and tells others it’s an honor to spend time with them and be included (he isn’t used to it). He tells stories about his grandpa and is interested in hearing where other people are from, so he can better understand them. He is sympathetic and has reasonable people skills, and easily shares his family history to get others to open up. He often states his feelings (“I wish grandpa was here to see this!”), and becomes affronted by the others’ amoral behaviors. He accuses them of profiting at the cost of “an entire civilization,” and says he hopes they are “proud of themselves.” His shaming of them on moral terms, and insistence of doing “the right thing” gets most of them to side with him in rescuing Kida and saving Atlantis.

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sx

Milo is imaginative and often unrealistic about his future and his prospects, full of peculiar ideas, and something of a loner, although he is delighted to share his extensive knowledge with the others once they ask him about it (and sometimes, when they don’t). He is awkward socially but also able to get Kida to like him, despite his nerd status and bookish nature. He’s excited to solve puzzles for their own sake, and more interested in understanding things than using them, somewhat hesitant to ask people for favors, and persistent in appealing to the museum’s board to let him pursue his interests and mount an expedition to find Atlantis. His 6 wing is warm, personable, and likable, with a focus on teamwork and a strong loyalty to his grandfather’s memory and wishes.