Bianca is the queen bee at school, the most desirable, popular, and fashionable girl, who cares way too much about what other people think of her, and who wants to do “normal things.” She is annoyed that her father won’t let her date, but still abides by most of his rules, and wishes her sister would be more “normal” and go out with boys so that she could too. She pressures Kat to get with the program, and doesn’t understand Kat’s little speech about being true to yourself – because she isn’t. For Bianca, it’s all about how things look to other people and what the appropriate behavior is for whatever situation she is in. She can be somewhat vapid and shallow, flattered by boy’s “sweet” and “cute” attempts to be around her, but not realizing their ulterior motives. She takes Joey at face value and at first thinks he’s gorgeous, until she sees his unbridled narcissism – and then she decides to give Cam a chance, because he’s sweet. She loves her mother’s pearls, focuses a lot on how fashionable she is, just wants to do teenager stuff like attend parties and ride around in cars with boys. Bianca matures a bit throughout the story, as she comes to look for character in her boy friends rather than flashy superficial traits, but doesn’t question herself at all or her motives, and doesn’t understand Kat’s switch in behavior until her sister talks about how Joey treated her. Then she punches him in the face!

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Bianca assumes she is lovable and for the most part, she is. She’s the most popular and desired girl in school and likes to keep it that way. Bianca enjoys being there for her friends, but can also be somewhat self-important and proud; she assumes she deserves the hottest boy, rather than the nicest one, until she realizes Cam has a better character. She is forever begging her sister to be nicer to her, and feels quite proud of being able to wear her mother’s pearls (because she’s perfect). Whenever she gets angry, she shows flits of 8 aggression – where her 8 core sister kneed some guy between the legs in the lunch line, Bianca kicks another between the legs at a party (“for my sister”) and punches him in the face for making her boyfriend bleed, and then hits him again in the stomach for good measure (“and that’s for me!”). Her 3 wing is focused on being attractive, popular, and charismatic, though she is also somewhat put off by Joey’s core 3 narcissism.