Cam hasn’t been at school five minutes before he’s going on at length about his feelings for Bianca – “I burn, I pine!!” and enlisting his friend’s help in figuring out how to appeal to her. He rushes to defend her whenever anyone criticizes her as being shallow, because he loves her; he expects her to like him in return and is crushed when she treats him badly, telling her off to her face in the car for not respecting him and treating people like trash. Cam cares a great deal about her character and how “nice” she is to other people (that’s his measurement stick for judging her) and isn’t above being insincere to get her attention. He happily lies about his qualifications as a French teacher just to get her alone for five minutes and beg her to go out with him, then enlists someone to date her sister so that she too can date. He’s eager to learn all the details about her, so he can appeal to her on an emotional level. Cam spends a lot of time in a Fe/Ne loop, where he’s trying to make her like him through being insincere and naively, romantically assuming that he can teach her French (even though he doesn’t speak it) as a way to get close to her. But he leaves most of the intuitive inspiration up to his new best friend, Michael, because Michael is better at seeing opportunities (such as getting Patrick to ask out Kat, and fooling Joey into paying for it). But he never questions his own motivations until he sees how shallow Bianca can be – and even then, he’s willing to forgive her and take her “back.”

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Cam falls in love instantly and wants to be as attractive as possible to Bianca, so he looks for ways that he can enthusiastically “help her out” – by arranging it so her sister dates (for his own benefit too), by tutoring her in a language he does not speak, by standing up for her against accusations that she is shallow, and by almost getting into a fistfight over her virtue when Joey demeans her. It’s all about love, and how much he loves her, and how much she needs him and how he can fulfill those needs… and feeling hurt and rejected when she doesn’t seem to appreciate his efforts. He’s rather shameless in his desire to become whatever she wants him to be or whatever might appeal to her most, through his 3 wing, but also isn’t about to put up with being mistreated or disrespected, and puts his foot down rather firmly at one point.