Michael is an outgoing and creative “nerd” who would love to be more popular, and who immediately gets a good idea about how to solve his new best friend Cam’s romantic problems. He points out that if Bianca’s older sister Kat would date, her father would let Bianca go out with Cam… so why not pay the only boy in school scary enough not to feel intimidated by Kat’s aggression off to ask her out? What’s more, why not mislead Bianca’s wannabe boyfriend Joey into paying for it, since he has all the money in the world? It’s not exactly the most honest, above-board, or unscrupulous method, but it works. Michael calms down Cam on a consistent basis, reminding him of what they have to work with, and coming up with “fixes” as they go along. He is one of the smartest kids in school, but also knows how to leverage a situation to his advantage, appeal emotionally to other people (or talk them into things, by making them believe he is on their side), and who wants acceptance from the “cool crowd.” Michael makes grand, leveling assumptions (“people like us never get to date girls like her, so just put her out of your head”) based off personal experience. He’s full of amusing observations about his classmates, but also gives most of them a wide berth until he can find a girl who shares his wacky sense of humor and oddball antics (they dress up as Shakespearian lovers at the prom). He is somewhat clueless about how to be a normal teenager, and tends to misfire whenever he talks to girls—and has no clue what to wear that is “cool.”

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Michael is more down to earth than Cam and focused on problem-solving, coming up with creative solutions to his various freak-outs and competently and rationally handling unexpected upsets. He is also friendly, likable, and easily takes Cam under his wing. Michael tags along with him to fun events in an attempt to connect to other people, even though his social awkwardness makes it hard for him to find things to talk about with girls. He is sometimes serious and sometimes funny, rather tolerant of most things, prone to slight overreactions at times, and also has a good sense of humor. His “nah, not a chance” rapidly turns into “well, actually… this might work out.” Though a focused scholar and student, he isn’t above cutting loose, being a bit whimsical, and having fun.