As various teachers and her father say, Kat has an opinion on everything and is going to make sure you hear about it. She’s an A+ student who speaks up eagerly in all of her classes (often to challenge the patriarchy) and who has a plan for her life, in which college she intends to attend (as far away from home as possible). Kat is forever trying to push her teachers to give them better assignments that are more of an academic challenge, and sees no reason to do anything that doesn’t either advance her mind (and learning) or that enriches her mind. She sees no reason to make compromises to make anyone else happy and only agrees to date when she finds a boy she cannot intimidate into running off. Kat is straightforward in expressing herself and points out the facts of life in her conversations. When drunk, she becomes more her natural, extroverted self—dancing on a table in front of everyone and drawing attention to herself. She takes a while to open up, but then confesses to her sister that she was, in her younger years, prone to allowing society to influence her – “everyone was doing it, so I did it too.” This led her into a bad experience with dating a particular boy, which made her swear off men permanently in high school, both because she wasn’t ready for a sexual relationship, and because she carries Si-driven assumptions that all men are the same (not worth her time). When she talks to her sister about a bad dating experience, she cautions her that “not all experiences are good.” Kat loves sensory things – she spends a lot of her time listening to her favorite music, reading books that mean something to her, and playing sports. Even her dream centers around her chosen interest (music) and expresses how she thinks she should create a girl’s band someday because she loves them so much. She shows flits of Ne in how, at one point, she has a sense that Patrick is “getting something” out of asking her to the prom, but she doesn’t spend much time pondering what that might be, and apologizes later for doubting him. She never guessed he might be being paid to take her out, and she is also willing to forgive him and consider their future together, once she sorts out her feelings. Kat has a somewhat gritty, low Ne sense of humor (such as flashing her teacher as a distraction, and mocking her principle’s need to write smut novels). Kat at first shows very low Fi – she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her, and can be obnoxious. But then she tells her sister that she is a firm believer in doing whatever you want, without allowing anyone else to influence you. She also breaks down, uncharacteristically, in class, after reading aloud her poem about how she feels being without the boy she has fallen in love with and how she wants him back.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Kat is, in other people’s words, a “heinous bitch.” She is confrontational with her teachers (and not at all worried to be repeatedly sent to the principle’s office). She kicked a guy between the legs so hard for groping her in the lunch line that he needed surgery. When a guy blocks her in a parking space, she rams into his car and says “oops.” She draws boundaries so hard, most of the kids in school are terrified of her. Kat repeatedly tells people off, refuses to go along with things just because they want her to, and hates to be emotionally vulnerable – but she respects guys who aren’t intimidated by her and who can stand up to her and persist even when she gives them a hard time. Her 9 wing is somewhat isolated and withdrawn, choosing to do pleasant things that entertain her (such as deep dive into her favorite authors and books and music), and ignores anyone she doesn’t like.