Patrick starts out as a rebellious loner at the school, who agrees to date a girl for money (and jacks up the price when he sees how desperate “deep pockets” is and how bratty Kat can be). Initially, he doesn’t care about anyone else’s problems until money gets involved, and then he has a lot of fun both messing with people and trying to appeal to Kat. He fakes being into the same kinds of “chick bands” that she is, but also genuinely looks after her when she gets drunk at a party and table-dances. Patrick spends a lot of his time cutting glass (it’s boring) and taking advantage of momentary opportunities, such as racing across the street to lean on her car and talk to her, tracking her down in an all-women’s nightclub (and pretending like he’s not there to find her), and putting on a dramatic “show” for her in the stadium when she refuses to talk to him in person. He doesn’t think much about the future or how being a high school dropout is going to impact his life. Though socially awkward, Patrick does manage to charm Kat, mostly by being unafraid of her abrasive personality and persistent in convincing her to give him a chance. He easily admits that he has fallen for her, even if she started out as a “job.”

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Patrick is king of “live for this moment… and also intimidate people.” There are hilarious rumors about his bad-assery flying around the school, everything from arson to eating live birds. Truth is, he marches to the beat of his own drum, doesn’t bother doing anything that isn’t fun (he will walk into class, ask what’s up, and then leave if it’s boring), he tries to keep things light and entertaining even when flirting with Kat, and he has some low level aggression issues that don’t find her that impressive, except in a “wow, this chick is also intense” way. Rather than apologize for his mistake directly, he buys her a guitar for her future dreams of starting up a band, and kisses her to shut her up about it.