Georgia is an opportunist of the first order, who upon moving to a small town, immediately gets a job in the mayor’s office, starts dating him (even though she knows it’s risky), and then embezzles thousands of dollars right under his nose to get her out of a mess (but manages to put it all back before anyone catches her at it for keeps). She decides a bake sale is too bland and proposes a poker night, where when the funds aren’t flowing the way she’d hoped, she instantly walks up to local businessmen, charms them into making a donation, and then raffles off the prize to the highest bidder, including a “be a principle for a day” reward. Seeing a chance to make a cool ten thousand bucks, she then raffles off a second one of those, to their great personal gain. She used to run an illegal gambling den as a teenager, until she got caught. She has a habit of falling into bed with men on the spur of the moment, and not thinking much about the consequences, including keeping a potted plant around whose petals she used to kill someone with in her previous marriage. She can creatively think her way out of any situation and is somewhat … immoral, and permissive, not objecting to her daughter sleeping around so much as thinking she is “stupid” to not be on birth control when she does it. She makes impersonal decisions about keeping her family safe, and is charming, likable, persuasive, and able to convince men to give her whatever she wants with her tert-Fe, but she often underestimates her relationships and can use shaming techniques to get at her daughter (“I don’t know who you are anymore… you used to care about people, not lie to them!”). Georgia doesn’t show much, if any, inferior Ni, except that she moves quickly and takes precautions to avoid getting caught whenever she takes risks.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Georgia admits at dinner with someone else that all she has ever wanted is freedom and not to miss out on life; she doesn’t like to feel trapped, and has moved around a lot in her life, trying on different careers and taking different opportunities as they arose. She has avoided much commitment, and has a love of living life “large” – she makes her daughter’s birthday extra special and full of stuff, from at-home manicures to karaoke to allowing them just a sip of champagne. She overdoes everything out of a desire to make it more fun—ordering fireworks for the mayor’s victory party even before they are sure he is going to win, and she is able to turn any situation around and make something good out of it. Her 8 wing fiercely goes after what she wants, isn’t afraid to play dirty against her rivals, and has no problem being somewhat hedonistic, but she never lets anyone get the upper hand over her, even a bunny in her herb garden.