Ginny objects to being hauled around like a piece of luggage, and is forever attempting to get her mother to settle down and be more considerate of her own feelings. She is somewhat judgmental of her mother’s decisions, while simultaneously being envious of her ability to wrap men around her finger. Ginny cares a lot about people’s feelings and does not want to hurt them, intentionally or otherwise. She want her brother to have everything good in his life and tries hard to take good care of him. But she is also at times oblivious to others’ needs, self-absorbed and turns situations around to reflect her own problems – she ignores one of her friends’ needs to talk all week, and then when she’s upset, Ginny points out that SHE has her own share of problems, too. It’s intinctive for her to make it about herself, rather than other people. She is sensitive, easily offended, and frustrated with her teacher’s racism since it singles her out in the class – so later, she turns around and tells him if he will sign her college application she won’t make trouble for him at the school board. Ginny is creative in how she creates a poem for her school report, but then denies that she broke the parameters of the assignment and insists she should have won the best grade. She reacts on whatever she is feeling at the time, often impulsively – “because I was horny” she sleeps with the boy next door barely knowing him. She becomes part of a click at school and emulates their behaviors. She has a relationship with two boys behind both of their backs, including kissing one in his room with his sister down the hall (she does not want to be found out, either!). She experiments with masturbation using her electric toothbrush, sends a picture of her in her bra to a boy, and when he does not instantly responds, send it to another boy. Ginny finds out her brother’s letters have never reached his father and mails them without wondering why her mother did not, and at the end of the season, after finding out her mother is a liar, she takes her little brother, climbs on a bike that was just in a motorcycle accident, and rides off… to join her dad in Boston. She stole the bike, returns it, and assumes it will be all right and nobody will be mad. She also ran off and left her boss in the lurch with no one to fill in for her on his busiest weekend of the year, and assumes she can get her job back with an apology. She goes on to cut class and get high at work. Ginny has almost no Ni; she never looks beyond the surface of anything, and is blindsided by the truth of her mother’s actions. She rarely thinks about the consequences of what she does – she’s so mad about the truth being hidden from her about her past, she sends the letters her little brother wrote to his dad to him with their return address on the envelope (never once thinking it might be dangerous). She has very little Te, except that she consistently gets good grades and is also blunt and confrontational under stress. She refuses to go along with the mood at the dinner table, and embarrasses her mother in front of guests by asserting her feelings and opinions about her mother’s recent behaviors. Ginny is often blunt, confrontational, and abrasive.

Enneagram: 1w2 sx/sp

Ginny is very moralistic and judgmental about other people and their decisions; her constant conflicts with her mother are full of rage about her mother’s values not aligning with her own. Ginny doesn’t believe in murder, and disapproves of her mom constantly using men, stealing things, and blackmailing people. She simultaneously worries about being a bad person due to genetics, but also doesn’t see herself as being a hypocrite. She often does similar things to her mother—running away from her problems, refusing to talk about them, treating people poorly (cheating on her boyfriend, making things all about herself, etc). Ginny will spiral out of control and fall into low 4 behaviors—melodrama, self-absorption and victimhood. She doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings when she’s in that head space, but whenever she does crawl out of it, she tries to make amends to her friends (while pointing out, critically, that they share part of the blame). Her 2 wing is desperate for inclusion and attention. She reshaped her personality and lied about herself to gain acceptance with her friends at first, and is constantly needy with her boyfriend, always wanting sexual reassurances and trying to distract him with physical pleasure to avoid having hard conversations.