Cheryl does her best to help Walter figure out what happened to the negative that went missing from his office, but doesn’t really know what to do with the clues – she says she hoped more details would help it all come into focus and connect, but she doesn’t see how it does. She finds useful ways to track down information for him, by following clues in the environment and using in-house records to set him on the right path (the pay stubs for the photographer). She teasingly tells him to follow up on them, but doesn’t assume he will actually run off to Greenland, then remembers where he was headed and is surprised to find him in Iceland. She understands how work hierarchies works and correctly assumes she’ll be one of the first people let go under the new management because “I’ve been here the least amount of time.” After that happens, she immediately deletes her eHarmony profile to save money. She engages Walter in small talk to get to know him, talks about her life and her interests, brings up her writing mystery class in the hope of helping him out, and is generally warm and amiable. She takes a genuine interest in his life, his hobbies, and what he is doing, and encourages him to keep going, as well as patiently and politely listens to his story about his dad and empathizes with his loss. She is open with her own feelings about her broken marriage, and makes sure her son tells Walter how much he loves his skateboard. She happily agrees to go out with him, even if he did a poor job of “selling” it to her. Cheryl is curious to find out what the photograph is, but doesn’t speculate much about it, or bring up any possible clues for him to follow – she does the sensible thing and types the name of the boat into her phone to find out where it is.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Cheryl is a busy woman with lots to do, a single mom raising a kid, and she still makes time to help Walter find out where the negative went, even though she barely knows him. She offers to search on her phone and asks him to walk with her while she does it, invites him along to the park, follows up with him on the clues, and is generally warm, friendly, likable, interested, and curious about his life, glad to be needed and willing to be liked. She is honest about her feelings and doesn’t mislead him, instead luring him in by simply being her own charming self. The fact that she joined a dating site, even though she never responded to anyone, indicates her willingness to find love again, even though her marriage has fallen apart.