Anastasia doesn’t believe she can move into her future without knowing her past, remembering it, and figuring out where she belongs. She has a strong sense that she “should” go to St. Petersburg, but allows fate to determine her choice, by asking the universe to give her a sign and then using a dog pulling on her scarf as a “sign.” So she heads out into the world, quickly becomes captivated by the idea of going to Paris (because it is on her necklace, and might lead her to her family), and falls in with Dimitri’s scheme to pass her off as the real Anastasia, but only because she figures if she isn’t, they will tell her so, so it is not a lie. She can be impulsive and quick-thinking, but also has a deep need to understand who she is and how she fits into the world. She is idealistic and wants to believe the best of other people, and angry at Dimitri when she thinks he has been insincere and is just another con man, but she also cannot help her heart, and the fact that she has grown to love and care about him. She acts decisively once she knows what she wants, seeking out the facts from her past life, and also delving into low Si nostalgia – her love of her necklace and her belief that it will lead her to her loved ones, the enjoyment of discovering her true name and identity (and yet, choosing to abandon announcing herself in public in favor of being in love and living a simpler life), etc. She is very tied to needing “roots” and to have something permanent and lasting in her life, so that she can go ahead and dream of her future. She admits that she does not remember much from her past, but slow memories come to her, driven by emotional associations, which she uses to piece together the truth of the night she and her grandmother got separated, and their feud with Rasputin. She seems to remember and have faith in the family curse, even if she cannot recall all the details, but also recognizes that his power is in his orb, and she smashes it to cause him to disintegrate (for herself, and for her family).

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Anastasia wants nothing more than to figure out where she belongs and to be a part of something; she doesn’t even consider going out on her own and abandoning her new identity until her grandmother tells her “this is not what you truly want, is it?” in effect, giving her permission to chase after the man she loves. She wavers between being feisty and combative and backing away from people and distrusting them; she tries to run away in the palace Dimitri and his friend catch her snooping around, but then changes her mind about them and agrees to go with them to Paris. She is somewhat hesitant to pass herself off as an important person, when she has no memory of being so, and yet also believes that it could be true, in an idealistic sense. She thinks if she finds out the truth of her parents and who she is, she will be free to discover herself and live a life of freedom and excitement. Anastasia will make up her mind and change it a few minutes later, as she sees another possibility and reconsiders.