Dimitri is an opportunist of the highest order, but also shows kindness in his youth when he helps Anastasia and her grandmother escape the riot at the palace by showing them a secret way out through a tunnel. He sees the “jewelry” box she drops and picks it up, and later decides to find, groom, and pass off a girl as Anastasia to collect the reward money. It doesn’t matter to him if she is the real deal or not, so long as he gets paid. He tries out girls, then notices how much Anastasia looks like her family portrait, and sweet talks her into becoming part of his scheme, by making her believe that he thinks she is the real deal and intends to help her find her family. Dimitri is skilled in handling the physical environment, as his improvising throughout the film shows—for example, the train moving faster prompts him to climb up the side to see what’s wrong, then try to stop the engine, then work to detach the train cars so their speed can slow and avoid a collision or an accident. He rushes in to save her when Rasputin confronts Anastasia on the bridge, putting himself at risk but also saving her from a fall in the process. He makes detached decisions up until his heart gets involved, and then he cannot ignore his feelings, his shame for having tried to mislead the woman he loves, and walks away from the reward money, merely satisfied to have reunited her with her grandmother (Fe development). Prior to that, he used Fe merely to charm and beguile people and talk his way into and out of situations. It’s only when she recounts physical evidence from his past that he realizes she is actually the princess and not an imposter. Dimitri is fixed on a low intuitive desire to find someone and pass her off as the missing princess, so he can collect the reward, but shows no other “vision.”

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Dimitri is an opportunist who looks for ways to get ahead, is charming and able to sell his ideas and schemes to other people by appealing to them and becoming something that they will admire. His motives are all financial and out of a desire to improve his station in life. He tries to deny his feelings for Anastasia, insisting on putting them aside to collect the reward, but ultimately makes a decision from his heart to do what he can for her and then walk away, shamed by what she said of his ambition and dishonesty. He is good at problem solving and keeping his personal feelings out of it, but also has a 2 wing desire to be useful to other people—he need not help the princess or her grandmother in their youth, being a lowly servant, but he chooses to do so anyway, and later expects some financial gain from his “good deeds” (Anastasia gets her family and he gets his money!)… but he decides to choose love as the best reward.